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  1. focker

    Midwest Minnesota 17-18 Season

    Hoping to see some familiar faces from the old site over here with this topic. How's everyone doing? So what's new this year? What's the news? What's changed? Where is everyone skiing?
  2. Guy in Shorts

    New England Killington

    Snowmaking was going on the North Ridge extending down to within 100 ft of the base of the North Ridge Triple as of 2:30 this afternoon. We are locked and loaded ready for the starting gun. .
  3. dbostedo

    Mid-Atlantic Mid-A Conditions, Resorts, Meetups, and Stoke 17/18

    Doesn't appear to be a thread like this yet.... So it got down to 34 degrees this week in DC, it's almost November, my skis are back from waxing and tuning, and I'm watching the World Cup race from Solden. Seems like winter is almost here! :yahoo: They're already skiing in Colorado, Oregon...
  4. Jilly

    Ski Shows Fall 2017

    soSo tis the season.... the ski show. Some are great and some are just not. Did you go, where and what was your impression. Me - Ottawa ski show. $8 to park the car, no other fees. So fill up the car! Venue...great place except there was also the Women's Show and a Wedding Show on in the...
  5. Main Street

    Pacific NW/AK/BC Sun Peaks, 2017/18

    It has begun..... From our front door this morning......
  6. Michael R.

    17-18 Season - How many days so far?

    Today at Loveland Pass makes ONE. Not ideal conditions, as my tips were getting caught under the snow and I had to go in the backseat a little bit. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it :daffy: Coverage was surprisingly good all the way to US-6
  7. PowellMovement

    Scot Schmidt and Glen Plake on The Powell Movement Podcast

    Hey Pugski, Hope everyone is getting psyched, the season is near....looks like it is here in some places. Anyways, I've been podcasting away and have a lot of content for you to check out if you like hearing about skiers and thier stories. Here are the most recent, I think you will enjoy...
  8. Ron

    SNOW STOKE - Warning, graphic image.

    Snow from last night with several inches more on the way.
  9. Dwight

    The race is on, first to open...

    Loveland has started making snow. Meanwhile, 90 degress this last weekend in the upper Midwest
  10. newfydog

    Post your snow pictures

    Mt. Bachelor, Sept 20 2017
  11. John O

    Pacific NW/AK/BC 2017-18 PNW Weather, Conditions, and Stoke

    It's not much, but it's a start.
  12. skidrew

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Big Sky 2017-18

    With parts of Montana getting some snow recently, seems like a good time to start up a thread for Big Sky. For those who missed it, Big Sky extended its season a week, now closing on April 22, 2018.
  13. P

    California/Nevada 2017/2018 Southern California Thread - Big Bear, Mountain High, Baldy, Wrightwood, etc.

    It's never too early to start a ski thread! Since I am starting to think skiing ... I thought I'd get this going! Here's hoping we get tons of snow this year. Let the snow dancing begin!
  14. MountainMonster

    California/Nevada 2017-2018 Mammoth Mountain

    Less than two months to opening day, Nov 9...... I'm packed & ready :daffy:
  15. Dwight

    Midwest Time of year hills announce upgrades

    My local hill keeps improving and with the last winter, I know the money was tighter. Glad to see midwest ski hills still making improvements. Especially when at least 3 will not be opening this season.
  16. crgildart

    Another General Weather Forecast... but No Climate Data Debates... Thread

    This data source is looking good for our region and the Midwest! What's Joe Bastardi got so far?
  17. nay

    Colorado 2017-18 Colorado Weather and Stoke

    Well, it's snowing. Yea, it's the monsoon, but I had a fire lit yesterday during the day. Plus it snowed right after we skied on Sunday. #imaginarypolesareultralight Since we could have been skiing while it snowed, it's officially next season. Game = on.
  18. Jacques

    I get stoked. Do you? A less than 2 minute stokanator!

    Here's my stoked short. Post yours now too! Skiing ends at Bachelor for the public May 28th. I'll ski the next two Friday's thru Sunday's. Catch me if you can!
  19. 4ster

    Trip Reports Backcountry photos, videos, patch skiing and other stoke!

    Highlights from this season. [to come]
  20. Blue Streak

    Colorado 2016-17 Colorado Weather

    The first snow has fallen, and the weather watch has begun.