ski stoke

  1. Pete in Idaho

    Long off season

    Having to end skiing early this year was bad. Driving into St Maries this AM gave me a good look at the Mt's and the snow on them. I am already in August mode , GOD help me, bye the time Fall actually gets here I will be a basket case.
  2. frontfive

    New England NH alpine areas big & small, building a comprehensive list

    Hi all- been a while since I've posted but I'm here & stoked to plan my 19/20 season! I am mixing it up this season & decided as a NH girl its time to fully ski every alpine area big & small in the state. I have full freedom, not tied to any season passes, and creative ideas to maximize...
  3. Dwight

    Midwest Upper Midwest 2019-2020

    The season starts tomorrow. They like to be first and looks like they will again.
  4. Andy Mink

    19-20 Season-How many days so far?

    Lifts are spinning and Ullr has been good so far. Here we go again!:yahoo::daffy::crash:
  5. Tricia

    Colorado A-Basin sneaks by Keystone by opening for 2 hours on October 11!

    Keystone Positioned to be the First Ski Resort to Open in North America on Saturday, Oct. 12 – The Resort’s Earliest Opening in More Than 20 Years With Keystone kicking off the season, don’t miss your chance to secure the best deal on your Epic Pass before prices increase at midnight on...
  6. Wendy

    New England Best place for early season turns

    This year is the first year that I am not working full time. So, I am more flexible with time and will be able to get out skiing more. That said, once our local bumps open I will be working Sun-Tues in my ski shop. It’s fun, I get great discounts, learn a bunch of stuff, and have great...
  7. surfsnowgirl

    New England 2019/20 Northeast

    Alright I'm getting a tiny bit antsy. My phone widgets tell me certain dates are nearing which includes Killington to start making snow in 21 days or so. I'm still enjoying the temps out and doing other stuff outside but ski club open houses are happening, Warren Miller movie dates have been...
  8. jmeb

    Colorado 2019-2020 Colorado Weather and Stoke (and beer)

    And so it begins. White stuff fell on Arapahoe Basin last night.
  9. Andy Mink

    California/Nevada 2019-2020 Tahoe Ski Resorts/Conditions/Meetups Thread....

    OK, we have to start sometime! It's 38° at the top of Slide Mountain this morning. Can snow making at Mt. Rose be far behind?:golfclap::roflmao::daffy:
  10. TQA

    2 meter dump in Switzerland and Northern Italy

    Resorts like Verbier are opening some slopes, some resorts say this the earliest they have ever opened. Could be another magnificent snow year in Europe.
  11. Ron

    Election day T.i.Ts at Loveland

    So far me
  12. Carl

    Ski & Snowboard Expo - Boston

    The 37th annual Ski & Snowboard Expo comes to Boston next week. I haven't been to one in a long time. I was wondering if anyone has attended during the past couple of years and whether it is worth attending. It is being held November 8-11 at the Seaport World Trade Center...
  13. Tricia

    Firing up the snow gun stoke

    With Killington, Arapahoe Basin, Loveland, and a few others open for the season, along with the few resorts with soft openings like Mt Rose, the temperatures are dropping and we're seeing more ski hills firing up the guns. This is stoke worthy... I'll kick it off with Alpine Meadows
  14. Jellybeans1000

    Snow Forecast Thread

    Hello everybody, I have been planning to start a snow forecast thread for a while now here, and now we are reaching winter, I thought this would be a suitable time to create a formal thread for those who are interested in the snow forecast, and making or reading them. I'll start with my own...
  15. Monster

    Season's turning - snow on Killi North Ridge atm. . .
  16. Ron

    Colorado Steamboat Stoke 2018/19

    Just kicking off the annual Stoke for the Boat! I am also throwing in @Bruuuce as a great resource for our mountain and town. So... Please view my "unofficial Resort Guide" for information on all things Steamboat. I am happy to answer any questions...
  17. Guy in Shorts

    New England Killington 2018-19

    Guy In Shorts Oct 13 Killington Report Cold moisture falling from the sky was painting the mountain peaks a lovely white. Total of three inches of winter were measured at the stake. Mountain Bikers were the only official ones to get first tracks but I do know of couple friends that snuck in a...
  18. Tricia

    DPS Shadow Campaign Volume V

    DPS Cinematic Partners with Outdoor Research, New Belgium Brewing and Osprey Packs for Volume V of ‘The Shadow Campaign’ Three short films to be released during fall 2018
  19. Nancy Hummel

    Snow in Colorado!

    Just drove from Glenwood Springs to Denver through a fairly decent snowstorm. Let’s hope this is a good sign for the season.