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  1. Jed Peters

    California/Nevada 2018-19 Tahoe Ski Resorts/Conditions/Meetups Thread....

    So this season required a trigger to start the thread. What prompted me to do it? Was it the 96 degree temperatures here in Placer County, home to Squaw Valley USA? Was it me sitting in my swimsuit typing this next to the pool? Was it the tent sales this weekend and the anticipated new ski...
  2. SShore

    It’s Starting!

    Snow is forecasted for tonight through Monday night above 6500’. Let’s hope this is a repeat of last year. And keeping my fingers crossed, it may help with all of the fires around here and get rid of this damn smoke. No good having snow in the mountains when you can’t even see them.
  3. Skisailor

    Stoke for The Big Couloir

    Here are a few pics to get those who would tackle The Big stoked for this season's upcoming Gathering: First you need to check in here: Enjoy the views while you wait for the slot that Patrol assigns you. It's time! Head through the Gate and stay to the right! Get ready to drop in...
  4. nay

    Colorado 2018-19 Colorado Weather and Stoke

  5. Pat AKA mustski

    California/Nevada 2018/2019 Southern California Thread - Big Bear, Mountain High, Baldy, Wrightwood, etc.

    Hmmm. Since the Tour de Big Bear is over and the chances of El Niño are increasing and MM started the new Mammoth thread, I figured we might as well get this one started also. El Niño is often good to So Cal - not always - but often so ... start those snow dances! Bob and I will be skiing...
  6. MountainMonster

    California/Nevada 2018 - 2019 Mammoth Mountain

    Last year this day, Aug 6th still open ! (IG feed) less than 100 until season opening.........................:daffy:
  7. graham418

    Is it too early to talk winter weather?

    I just read that NOAA is predicting a 70% chance for an El Nino for the 2018/19 winter season. While it is rather early, and they will be updating in a months time, is it too early to start the conversation? Who here puts a lot of faith into these predictions? What are your experiences as to...
  8. Ron

    Ski Stoke.... signs of things to come this AM

    For those waking up to hot muggy days ahead, I hope this lifts your spirits a little
  9. Emil

    Inspiring instagram or blogs

    Hi I need some additional stoke when the next trip is far away. Please share your favorite ski instagram or ski blog. I’m following my countryman Mattias Hargin (Powder, WC, fitness, travel and food)
  10. Tricia

    Video stoke - K2 Skis: Friends on a pow day

    Gotta love K2 Skis Stoke: Friends on a pow day
  11. Max Capacity

    New England Okemo, Nov 2017

    Here's one from Last Sunday Nov5th This one was taken today about 11AM Surprisingly the snow was pretty good for early season.
  12. SnowCountry

    Twas the night before the first ski day this season...

    Tonight is the night before my first ski day of the season. I'm nervous. Butterflies in my stomach. Rock skis or good skis? How will the crowds be tomorrow? Will I still enjoy skiing? Or will I get bored an hour in and try to find a different hobby? (Note to self: Doctor say to lose weight...
  13. LKLA

    Mount Snow

    Mount Snow will have 14 trails open this weekend - more than any other resort in the East. Planned terrain for opening day includes top-to-bottom skiing on: Cascade Canyon Free Fall Long John Additional trails planned for Saturday include: Deer Run River Run Little John Launch Pad More...
  14. Dave Marshak

    Woo hoo! Snow at my house this morning.

    It won't be long now. dm
  15. Tricia

    Poll Why do you go to ski movies?

    I've heard many reasons why skiers hit up ski movies every fall. Last night, we attended the Warren Miller Entertainment movie, Line of Descent. The movie was definitely the focal point of the evening, but one thing I notice every time I go to one of these ski stoke movies is that there are a...
  16. focker

    Midwest Minnesota 17-18 Season

    Hoping to see some familiar faces from the old site over here with this topic. How's everyone doing? So what's new this year? What's the news? What's changed? Where is everyone skiing?
  17. Guy in Shorts

    New England Killington

    Snowmaking was going on the North Ridge extending down to within 100 ft of the base of the North Ridge Triple as of 2:30 this afternoon. We are locked and loaded ready for the starting gun. .
  18. dbostedo

    Mid-Atlantic Mid-A Conditions, Resorts, Meetups, and Stoke 17/18

    Doesn't appear to be a thread like this yet.... So it got down to 34 degrees this week in DC, it's almost November, my skis are back from waxing and tuning, and I'm watching the World Cup race from Solden. Seems like winter is almost here! :yahoo: They're already skiing in Colorado, Oregon...
  19. Jilly

    Ski Shows Fall 2017

    soSo tis the season.... the ski show. Some are great and some are just not. Did you go, where and what was your impression. Me - Ottawa ski show. $8 to park the car, no other fees. So fill up the car! Venue...great place except there was also the Women's Show and a Wedding Show on in the...
  20. Main Street

    Pacific NW/AK/BC Sun Peaks, 2017/18

    It has begun..... From our front door this morning......