stockli skis

  1. musicmatters

    What bindings for Stockli Laser AX

    I am picking up a Used pair of Laser AX from someone off this site. What bindings should I look at? I like the idea of demo bindings to be able to hone in on the mount point. Would the Attack 13 demo be appropriate for this? If I went non-demo bindings, what’s the move?
  2. laine

    Cage Match Comparison Stockli Laser AX vs. Augment 77

    I was quite intrigued when Phil reached out and let me know he had an Augment 77 in an 159 (121.5/77/107.5, 14m radius) available for testing. I've only read about Augment on Pugski, but have yet to see one in the wild in Tahoe. And I have a 2018 Stockli Laser AX in a 159 (123/78/109, 13m...
  3. Philpug

    Comparison Review Battle of the Premium 80mm Skis: A Segment of Glorious Skis

    Of all the categories of premium skis, the 80-something segment could be the most hotly contested. Wider skis will probably sell more in volume, but the 80s are the ones that give their manufacturers bragging rights at their respective country clubs. These skis are halo automobiles, proper...
  4. musicmatters

    Head iRally vs Stockli AX

    How does the Laser AX compare to the iRally? Has there ever been a comparison? I searched but couldn’t find one. There’s often talk about the right ski for the right person. What are some characteristics that would cause to someone prefer one over the other?
  5. L

    Stockli Ski Tune

    Hello All, I purchased a new pair of Stockli Laser AX at the end of the season. I’ve not skied them yet. I’ve read several threads here on new ski tuning, but I’m not clear on something: do Stockli skis need a new ski tune or is the factory tune good to go? Thanks!
  6. TheArchitect

    Slalom ski recommendation and Stockli demos near Killington

    I've been feeling the desire to pick up a dedicated hard snow ski for next season. After talking with @Tony S at the NE Gathering about the benefits of a slalom ski I’m looking to pick up something around 70mm underfoot to complete the quiver (MX88, FX94, BMX105). I used to have a pair of...
  7. dawgcatching

    Ski blowout- Stockli and Blizzard

    Hey everyone, Sorry I haven't been posting: I have barely been skiing. Too much going on in my life right now! I hope to take advantage of spring conditions once things settle down: I was supposed to ski in Tahoe last week, but Bend got buried and I couldn't make it out of town. Ah well, life...
  8. M

    Going to Breckenridge - Stockli or Kastle Demo Shop?

    newbie here... Headed to Breck on Friday & already called several shops looking to demo either of these no avail. Anyone know of a Stockli shop in the area? Or Kastle? Would love to demo AX and SR88. Thanks for the help? Stephen
  9. F

    Kill my quiver

    Since I seem committed to owning more skis than days I ski in a year, I own or am very interested in the skis below. My interests range from Northeastern hardpack to Utah powder and a variety of terrain. If hardpack—>powder defines the extremes (if it’s all ice, I’ll stay home), I’m happy to...
  10. J

    Individual Review Laser AX - Impressions from a new user

    After reading everything I could on Stockli Laser AXs from many of the enlightened skiers on these forums, I finally bought them (in 175). I had seriously considered Head Rallys, but when I was offered a decent price on the Lasers, I couldn't pass 'em up. I thought I'd throw in a few brief...
  11. R

    Cage Match Request: M5 Mantra vs. Stormrider 95

    Please and thank you :)
  12. kitchener

    Aspen-area ski rental shop suggestions

    Plans finalized for my annual "Dads-Only" trip to the Rockies, this year to Aspen (first time) -- we'll be checking in Feb 17 (Sun), skiing Monday through Friday, and rolling on on Feb 23rd. Anyway, one in my group, an expert skier, doesn't have skis worthy of the name anymore, and is going to...
  13. dawgcatching

    Black Friday Special: all Stormrider 105's on sale! is trying to move some skis! Black Friday sale through November 26th. $899 for all 105 models in stock! This is a great deal on a current 2018-2019 ski! Call if you have ay questions!
  14. R

    Stockli..worth the moolah for intermediates?

    Hi. First time ski purchase for intermediates- my wife and I are both solid intermediates- happy riding blues and single diamond blacks. Travelling from Australia to Sunpeaks for another crack this season and looking to purchase our first set of skis. My good wife is 175 cm and 72 kg and I am...
  15. D

    Stockli Laser SX FIS 2018

    Anyone been on the FIS version of The 2018 Stockli Laser SX? Wondering what the difference is between the FIS and non-FIS versions, other than turn radius and available lengths. Dave
  16. Philpug

    Cage Match Comparison 2019 Kästle MX74 vs 2019 Stöckli Laser AX

    Stöckli vs Kästle, Kästle vs Stöckli, these are the comparisons that keep people coming to Pugski. I feel like a ring announcer in Vegas: "In this corner, measuring in at 74mm underfoot, the Kästle MmmmmmmX Sev-en-ty Fourrrrrrr, and in the far cornahhhh, measuring in at 77mm underfoot, the...
  17. F

    Bindings and where to mount on Stockli AX .

    Hello. Newbie here. Just bought a pair of Stockli Laser ax 162 . I am 5"2 and 62 years young. I was wondering if someone(s) would be kind enough to tell me what bindings to choose, and where to mount them:center/slighlty up front, etc..... I always bought ski with bindings incorporated. Last...
  18. Ron

    Sold 2017 Stockli SR95, 184 w/Aattacks, $650

    Absolutely love these skis but I'm selling them (and will probably regret it). Ski's are in excellent condition. Mounted with Attack demos so no need to redrill. I prefer them skied 2 clicks forward of the mark. YMMV. Bases have a few scratches none that require any work but I can have them...
  19. UGASkiDawg

    Individual Review UGASkiDawg's 2018-19 SIA Ski Reviews

    Atomic Vantage 86 C Dimensions: 123-86-106.5 Radius: [email protected] Sizes: 157, 165, 173, 181 Size tested: 173 Design: All New This is a great one-ski quiver candidate that turns really well when you want to but leaves you alone if you don’t. It has a nice shape and flex pattern for fun in the...
  20. MattD

    Stockli Laser AX vs Renoun Z-77

    Have any of you been lucky enough to ski both of these? Would like to hear comments/comparisons. Thanks!