ski colorado

  1. TheHitman

    Ski Rocky Mountain National Park?

    Is it possible to take the shuttle up and ski down? Which trails are suitable, if any. Where would i get more info on this?
  2. Nancy Hummel

    Snow in Colorado!

    Just drove from Glenwood Springs to Denver through a fairly decent snowstorm. Let’s hope this is a good sign for the season.
  3. LKLA


    Is there an unofficial guide to Aspen? Thnx
  4. TheHitman

    Colorado Gatherings?

    I just moved to Fort Collins. Are there any gatherings already scheduled for this season? Or how does this work? It'd be fun to meet up with some of you guys and gals.
  5. Slim

    Colorado Copper Mountain vs Winterpark, better at Presi’day?

    Which one do you think handles the crowds better during President’s Day weekend? We are happiest skiing the black runs at Mary Jane and Eagle Wind, and similar at Copper, and willling to spend some time on the the Cirque or Tucker Mtn, but only sometimes. we would Switch to the other resort or...
  6. Bill Talbot

    Okemo, Mount Sunapee and crested butte are now Epic!
  7. Slim

    Utah SLC area vs Copper-Aspen in February?

    I asked this in the Aspen thread too, but I want to get the opinion of you Utah fans too ;-) Would your pick be Copper/Aspen-Snowmass or Salt Lake City area for Presidents’ Day week? Why one over the other? Ikon Base pass. Skiing Friday 2/15 - Saturday 2/23.
  8. Jerez

    Colorado Winter Park "improvements"

    WP is making capital improvements including a big gondola, village improvements and expanded snowmaking. But they are also doing this, which in my mind is sad. It will sissify Eagle Wind much like they did the Parsenn tree skiing when they replaced the old Timberline lift with a six pack, cut...
  9. Tricia

    Cimarron Mountain Club Private Ski Area in Colorado

    In January 2016, The Denver Post reported the beginnings of Cimarron Mountain Club, a private ski area in Colorado. Cimarron launched a little over a week ago with membership limited to just 13 families (with 7 spots already taken) and includes access to more skiable terrain that Aspen...
  10. Ron

    Aspen's Skico Raises hourly rate Hourly rate will raise from 12.00 our hour to 13.50.
  11. nay

    Colorado 2018-19 Colorado Weather and Stoke

  12. S

    Winter Park's Nearly 80 Year Old Ski Club Won't Return This Year

    This morning, thursday, there was a detailed article about the Eskimo Ski Club closing, on the front page. The club was forced out of its small W.P. frontside club office/gear stash/child comfort space, and in the end didn't feel it could continue with lesser alternatives offered, according to...
  13. jmeb

    Colorado Gems in a Van

    It's 90 degrees in Denver, so I've been building out a new ski project for the upcoming season. I'm calling it Gems in a Van -- a project to ski and camp at all of the Colorado Gems this season, and write up trip reports about them. The goal of this project is three fold: 1. Ski a number of...
  14. Roger

    Colorado Breckenridge....Beaver Run or The Village

    Anyone have any opinions of which hotel is better?
  15. SBrown

    Gary Rodgers stepping down as Copper CEO

    Dear Copper Community Member, After careful reflection I wanted to let you know that, effective July 13, 2018; I will be stepping down as President and GM of Copper Mountain Resort. Twenty years ago my wife Sue and I re-located to Copper and Summit County from Whistler BC. It has been a very...
  16. S

    Colorado Colorado locals - advice needed.

    I'm in the early stages of trip planning. I want to head to Colorado with a Epic Pass in hand in very late February or early March. We'll like use Frisco or Dillon or Silverthorne as a base to ski the likes of Breckenridge, A Basin, Vail, Beaver Creek and Keystone. Can those that know advise...
  17. James

    Colorado 12th Annual Mother's Day Trip

    It's that time again. Coming into Denver at sunset Friday. Today Abasin was completely packed. Instead of being the third to last car allowed in the Last Chance lot we did a u turn and went to Loveland. Loveland was mildly packed. Parked in the Valley lot. Oh Loveland there you are ^. To the...
  18. dbostedo

    Colorado A little late season Colorado fun...

    I happened to be in Colorado for work last week, and was lucky enough to have Friday and Saturday to ski. The season has been over around here (Virginia) for about a month, so it had been a while since I'd been on skis, and it was great to extend the season. This time of year I had my pick of...
  19. Roger

    Is it too early to be thinking of next season?

    I live in Florida...need I say more ;) but man oh man I know its only April 9th but I just know in a few months it will be August and I will be setting my plans for next winter. I didn't get to go this winter so I'm dying here (but I heard this season wasn't the best). I can't wait for next year...
  20. Turoa Kiwi

    Where to go and ski for a Northern winter season ?

    I've always wanted to ski for the best part of a northern winter season Skiing as many days in a season as possible, within reason, is something I aspire to do. I'm 57 , recently retired and need to get on to it sooner rather than later I could do it at my local mountain in New Zealand but it...