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  1. no edge

    Ikon or Epic profits.

    Does anyone know how the profits are split between resorts participating in Ikon or Epic. First aspect would be the unused portion of the money collected. Second when skiers visit a resort do they receive a set rate for the person who skis that day. Seems impossible to fairly split up the funds...
  2. V

    Utah Getting around... Salt Lake City and Snowbird/Alta -- questions

    Hi, I hope I'm posting this in the correct place. I searched the forum and found some good info but still had a couple questions I thought maybe people here could help with. I am planning a solo visit to SLC for 3 days (Sun - Tues, end of Feb) to ski snowbird/alta with my IKON pass. I've...
  3. Ron

    NYT's article on Ikon/Epic and weekend skiing changes at some resorts

    https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/28/travel/ikon-epic-skiing-crowds.html more information on Ikon and Epic, its impact on the ski industry and how some resorts are changing to accommodate the super passes . Just for the record, I love my Ikon pass.
  4. Analisa

    Pacific NW/AK/BC Crystal Mountain to discontinue weekend walk up lift tickets

    Crystal Mountain announced that they’re discontinuing walk up lift tickets after 2 weeks of parking lot mutiny & lots of social media complaints. Really curious to see how this plays out once the powder-craze with the late start to the season dies down, or whether it’ll be enough to help. (Or...
  5. O

    How are the crowds

    Are the crowds the same or better at some of the IKON distentions like JH and Aspen? Was last year a fluke due to the weather?
  6. The High-Priced Daily Lift Ticket Is Seeing a Pushback

    The High-Priced Daily Lift Ticket Is Seeing a Pushback

    Mt. Rose-Courtesy of Andy Mink We are finally seeing the pushback against high-priced daily lift passes. One of the trends we saw this past Christmas in the Tahoe Basin was that many day skiers were bypassing the major resorts with their $200+ day tickets and heading to the smaller resorts and...
  7. tch

    Crowds or no...skier visits

    I got interested today in a theme that seems to be popping up in a lot of threads about the "Ikon/Epic" effect. Lots o' complaining about "how crowded" slopes are. So I found this sheet on the National Ski Area Association website. http://www.nsaa.org/media/303945/visits.pdf What it...
  8. KevinF

    2020 New England Gathering -- March 27th to 29th

    Save some Stowe -- err, Killington -- days on your Ikon passes; Pugski will be invading Killington from March 27th to the 29th as per the poll results. This post will be updated with meeting times, locations, etc. once they're determined. Dinner will be on March 28th at 7:00PM at Table 24 in...
  9. cosmoliu

    IKON Bling Packet

    Just got this in today's mail. I'm going to slap that sticker on my helmet, sew that patch on my waterproof Arc'Teryx shell, and hang both the pass and the key chain on a lanyard around my neck. Then I'll be all set to jump in the tram line at Jackson Hole the upcoming second week of December.
  10. Tricia

    Colorado A-Frame at A-Basin getting new bathrooms

    Well, this is good news
  11. dbostedo

    OFFICIAL 2020 Jackson Hole Gathering Information

    2020 National Gathering at Jackson Hole, WY, February 23 - February 29 NOTE : This is a living post and will be changed as new information becomes available (last updated 2/21/2020) The PugSki National Gathering for the 2019-2020 season will be held at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, from...
  12. Tricia

    Colorado Press Release: Arapahoe Basin Goes Ikon

    IKON PASS ANNOUNCES THE ADDITION OF ARAPAHOE BASIN SKI AREA IN COLORADO FOR WINTER 2019/2020 Ikon Pass Now Offers Access to 40 Global Destinations, Six in Colorado DENVER, CO, August 2, 2019 – The Ikon Pass community continues to grow with the addition of Arapahoe Basin Ski Area in...
  13. fatbob


    Prompted by VR and assorted Ikon threads over time I wonder if we should try to bottom out the perspectives on Locals v Tourists, "new" passholders v longstanding passholders etc etc. It strikes me that there is always lots of griping when there is any change associated with ski hills from...
  14. elemmac

    Poll How has the EPIC and/or IKON Pass affected you?

    There has been a lot of discussion about VR's expansion, and all of the opinions on if it's a good thing, a bad thing, or just a thing. It got me wondering how many people have bought into the Epic or the IKON model for skiing and how many people are actively avoiding it. How has the model...
  15. Crank

    Colorado School Me On The Boat

    Just got and accepted an invite to Steamboat, January 10-18 2020. Our friend is renting there for a month next winter. 3 bedroom condo in town, on the shuttle bus route. That is all I know.
  16. Jellybeans1000

    International (Europe/Japan/NZ/Aus) Australia and New Zealand Snow Season 2019

    We are nearing the official opening of the ski season here in Australia. But Mt Buller, Selwyn and Perisher are already open to skiing and boarding this season. The other resorts will open on Saturday. Over the summer, Mt Buller was added to the Mountain Collective and IKON Pass. And Hotham and...
  17. Brian Finch

    New England Stratton skiers / riders?

    Who’s basing out of Stratton for the 2020 season? With Ikon, we expect to be there a bunch more. What’s the local Beta?
  18. Jimski

    Which Pass to Buy?

    Epic, Ikon, Mountain Collective -- which is best? There may already be an informative thread on this. If so, just point me to it. I'm particularly interested in which would be best in view of where next season's Gatherings will be held (if that has been decided). Thanks!
  19. Brian Finch

    Ikon promo code - who’s holding?

    So I get to the end of our renewal & there’s a slot for “Promo code” Who’s got one?
  20. Tricia

    Colorado Press Release: Aspen Pass now includes Base IKON Pass

    SAME PRICE, MORE BENEFITS PREMIER PASSES NOW INCLUDE IKON BASE! We’re not superstitious, but since we’d like next season to be just like this one, we’ll start by offering 2019-2020 season passes at this season’s best price! And to show our gratitude, we’re throwing in some additional benefits...