head skis

  1. H

    (Carving) Ski Advice

    I'm looking for a pair of skis and debating between these two. I'll mostly be on groomers and ski in Tahoe. 2020 Atomic Redster X7 WB 2021 Head V-Shape V6
  2. crazycanuck

    Need advice on shrinking my quiver... should I sell my Monster 98s?

    I am a person who loves his ski gear, and admittedly has an oversized ski quiver for a guy who primarily skis out east! I am now torn as to whether I should sell my Monster 98s for not, and am looking for advice. Basically I am a 47 year old who is 5'9 and 150 lbs (so not big/heavy) and who...
  3. Marin

    Powder skis

    What would be better for Powder , Elan ripstick 86 or Head Monster 83? I am not big fan of Powder ,but like to have second pair of the skis for one of those days and do not need anything wider then 86 . Thank you .
  4. J

    Monster 88Ti vs. 83Ti

    Apologies if I missed a thread detailing this, but I'm looking for some insight into the differences (primarily in stiffness/flex) between the Monster 88 and 83 Ti. I demoed the 2018-2019 88 on eastern hardpack and a few sad natural trails at Sunday River in November 2018 and loved it...
  5. Snuckerpooks

    Buying Demo Day Race Skis?

    So here in Japan I was talking to my regional HEAD representative. And he said that outside of sponsored athletes, Japan will not be importing race skis from overseas. HEAD will import other models for general skiers, but RD models will not be imported. So I was then asked... "After demo days...
  6. eok

    2019 Head iTitan vs 2017 iRally (or PRD vs PRX bindings)

    It's been low tide spring conditions here in central OR for a few weeks now, so I've clocked a lot of runs on my narrower carving skis: 2019 iTitans and 2017 iRallys. I got the 2017 iRallys during a ski swap this Fall for a too-good-to-pass-up price. I tuned both the iRallys and iTitans to...
  7. vindibona1

    Which Head skis for me? Sorting through marketing razzle-dazzle

    With new boots purchased, it's probably time to start thinking about replacing my 7 year old Nordica FireArrow skis (172mm-132/80/116 R14.5). I had Head skis before (that I got around 2005) and really liked them (until I noodled them over time). I want to explore the Head brand again but won't...
  8. S

    East coast carver - Head Supershape OR WC Rebels

    I’m looking for a carving ski that I’ll use exclusively on the east coast (VT and NH). I’ve been debating between a few Head models: 1) supershape I.speed 2) super shape I.magnum 3) head wc rebel I.speed 4) wc rebel I.SL wc rebel I.SLR. About me: I’m 36, 5’9, 180 lbs. I raced in college in a...
  9. BClipped

    Wendy Holdener race skis - new Heads?

    Spotted these today in the Kranjska Gora slalom - not the usual i.SL RD markings on Wendy’s skis... Something new?
  10. D

    2021 Head E-Titan Softer?

    I have been on the current Titan and it's fantanastic ski but I do wish it would of been a little softer. Is the 2021 ski any softer? I am sure someone has taken them for a spin.
  11. E

    If you were allowed quivers from only one ski manufacturer, what would you choose?

    I think either Blister or Ski Essentials does this with their reviews so I t hought it might be fun to see how folks here would pick for a one, two or three ski quiver if limited to a single manufacturer. I picked a few of the sponsors here and added Rossignol because, well, I love Rossignol. :)...
  12. Tricia

    Head USA Provides Funding to Share Winter Foundation

    HEAD USA PROVIDES FUNDING TO SHARE WINTER FOUNDATION PARTICIPATES IN SIA'S GENERATION SNOW'S INDUSTRY FUNDING MATCH PARK CITY, UT (January 14, 2020). Today, Snowsports Industries America (SIA) announced that SIA member HEAD USA has made a significant contribution to Share Winter...
  13. musicmatters

    Head iRally vs Stockli AX

    How does the Laser AX compare to the iRally? Has there ever been a comparison? I searched but couldn’t find one. There’s often talk about the right ski for the right person. What are some characteristics that would cause to someone prefer one over the other?
  14. Marty McSly

    Comparison Review An intermediate oompa-loompa's comparison: Head Rally vs Fischer The Curv GT

    I've had the chance to A/B these skis in the last week, in Australian early season conditions - mostly man-made snow, firm, fast early morning pistes deteriorating quickly with the dense crowds to choppy slop or push piles on a hard base. The Head Rally's are huge fun and so carvy on the early...
  15. DocGKR

    Comparison Review A Tale of Two Racer-ish Skis

    As mentioned previously, after a 30+ year gap, this past ski season I attempted to re-learn how to ski narrower, racing type skis. While I eventually progressed to trying real FIS race skis (Thanks ScotsSkier!), at the start of the season I wasn’t sure if I could handle such beasts, so I picked...
  16. F

    Rustler 11 or Kore 117

    Hi guys I'm in the market for my first fat ski and would be keen to hear your views. I’ve short listed the Kore 117 and the Rustler 11 (in 180cm ?) but I’m struggling to make a choice between those 2 skis. Haven’t really found any reviews of those two skis side by side. I’m a reasonably...
  17. dovski

    High end Junior skis

    Hi All, Curios as to whether anyone knows anything about the following two junior skis Head Kore 87 JR Skis and Blizzard Rustler Team Skis Exploring what my sons next pair might be and these both looked interesting but I cannot find any reviews for them online. Our fall back is the Mantra...
  18. speedster

    Head Monster 88 -- 2017 vs 2018 vs 2019

    Has anyone skied all three years of the Monster 88? Did it really get less stiff / more flexy with each passing year?
  19. bbinder

    Help me obsess

    Let's say that I am replacing my Fischer Motive 95 skis. And let's say that I can get any of the following skis and bindings for short money to use as my one ski western quiver. Which way would you go? Head Core 93 Nordica Enforcer 93 Rossignol Experience 94 Liberty V92 And for bindings...
  20. Philpug

    Cage Match Comparison 2019 Liberty V-Series V76 vs 2019 Head Supershape iRally

    The Liberty V-Series V76 takes on the Head Supershape iRally. Am I really going there? Am I really going to put the all-new, relatively unknown, mostly unproven Liberty up against the reference ski in the segment? Hell yeah. Because this very good Liberty has everything to gain and nothing to...