waxing skis

  1. Susie

    Anyone know if Stuntwax is still around, maybe under a different brand?

    I know, I know, you should always scrape your wax... but I love the convenience and durability of Stuntwax! They were out of CT, and I loved the waxes, especially the fluoro version. About 6 years ago, I bought a full case. Now, I'm out and can't find it. The Stuntwax.com website is live but...
  2. AlpsSkidad

    I need a new wax iron

    Well, my 2 yr old Swix T72 just crapped out the last day of our trip in Val D’Isere. In fact it died in the middle of waxing my last ski of the tuning session. It plugs in and the digital display works, but I can’t get it to heat up at all. It any case, I need a new iron that will last longer...
  3. musicmatters

    Does the effectiveness of wax go away if you don’t use the ski?

    If I get a ski waxed but don’t use it for 2 weeks, does the effectiveness of the wax wear off? If there is degradation, how long does a waxing effectiveness last before you would need to wax again if you didn’t use it?
  4. Doug Briggs

    All in a service tech's night...

    Before: And after: I suppose I could have hand brushed these a bit more. :-o
  5. SLC Skier

    Race Ski Care

    I got a pair of Volkl Racetiger SL skis at the end of last season and had a full tune done to them from a good shop. Taking them out for the first time this weekend. What extra care do you put into race skis to maintain them compared to your average skis? I have diamond stones to maintain the...
  6. M

    hot iron waxing related details

    Hello I am relatively new to waxing. I purchased an iron, a couple of plastic scrapers, and a 3 pack of brushes (metal, nylon, horsehair) last season. Last year I waxed 3 sets of skis two times. Tonight I just waxed 5 sets of skis. While waxing I thought about the below items. I am...
  7. David

    Mixing wax brands ?

    When I'm skiing on a weekend or a longer vacation I always take a rub-on or paste wax in case I need it. I use Hertel Hot Sauce as my everyday wax but their website sucks and I couldn't find rub-on or reach them so I ended up with ZumWax's rub-on. Now weeks later Hertel finally answered my...
  8. Daves not here

    New Ski Prep - waxing portion - what do you do?

    My wife got some new skis so it is time to drink some bourbon - I mean prep her skis! ogsmile This is not my first time prepping new skis so not looking for step by step - actually more curious on the waxing prep portion. Curious if I am overdoing it? Once cleaned and brushed and ready to go...
  9. TheArchitect

    Never tuned a ski and I'm thinking of starting

    As I was dropping off 3 pairs of skis at the local shop for tuning and binding adjustment Saturday I thought to myself "it sure would be nice to be able to sharpen and wax these things myself". Then I remembered reading about good tunes and bad tunes affecting performance and wondered whether I...
  10. M

    A poll on end of season tunes.

    Just wondering if you tune your skis before putting them away for the summer.
  11. Kbat117

    Starter tune kit

    So I'm looking to start turning my own skis. I'm not sure how crazy I want to get with it. I have waxed before and cleaned up edges with a gummi stone at my work but want to do more on my own. Suggestions for a kit for a budget minded recreational skier? Would like an iron, scraper, brushes...
  12. focker

    Why does my Nylon brush not seem to do much?

    A little background. I've been tuning skis for 4-5 years and feel I'm fairly decent at it. The one area that frustrates me is post scrap brushing. I use a (Very) sharp scraper and get every bit of wax off I can. When I go to use my nylon brush however it just doesn't feel like it's doing...
  13. BillyGoat

    First time tuner... hooked!

    So, I started my first tune last night and got totally into the zen of it .... wow. It just put my mind at ease in a really cool place. Do others get this "tuner's high?" So, of course, I'm watching tons of YouTube vids, etc, but I still have a lot of questions. I'll start with just a couple...
  14. 1chris5

    Tip Protectors and Waxing

    Are tip protectors designed to be removed for waxing? My wife has a pair of Dynastar Glory 85 skis with metal tip protectors. Can they/ should they be removed when tuning? My kids have plastic tip protectors and I have wondered for a while if I can remove those also. They get in the way when...
  15. Blue Streak

    Portable Tuning Set-up Show and Tell

    I know that some of us travel with a pretty impressive tuning set-up. Although I have not had the necessity of tuning on the road, because I am geographically blessed, I have a few road trips planned. Show and/or tell us how you like to keep your boards ready on the road.
  16. Tom K.

    Hot Waxing Approach

    This just in (for me, anyway): My New Moon xc catalog for this season notes that the old approach to hot waxing using many passes at low temperatures is being replaced with using a much hotter iron and waxing quickly. I've always wondered about how deeply heat penetrates the ski while using...