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  1. skidrew

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Big Sky 2020-2021

    With the original closing date passed, we can look forward to next winter . . . let's hope. Unfortunately, no SwiftCurrent6 progress to talk about, probably reduced construction (if any) to other parts of the resort, and maybe only speculation about whether the season will exist at all. Have...
  2. BS Slarver

    Northern Rockies/Alberta BIG SKY 2020 meet-ups

    On the heels of the Big Sky 19-20 Thread - Who's coming out to the biggest skiing in America this year ? BIG SKY - Home of the Ram Charger 8 pack along with 37 other lifts and 5800+ acres ! We will be Skiing most days and still looking for new stashes beyond the 300 named runs, perhaps you know...
  3. FD Tennessee

    Northern Rockies/Alberta First Trip to Big Sky

    I am so glad I found this site. I took up skiing a few years back, and I have been averaging 2 ski trips a season. I have done I70, Aspen twice, Whistler, Steamboat, and Vail. It has been a blast. I have invested quite a bit in private lessons, but I don’t get to spend enough time on the snow...
  4. ATLSkier

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Big Sky Transportation

    Is it helpful to have a car in Big Sky (we are staying within walking distance to the mountain, so don't need it for that). If not, any services you recommend for transportation from the airport in Bozeman to Big Sky? Thanks.
  5. skidrew

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Big Sky 2019-2020

    Well, if you insist!
  6. Tricia

    Safety Cooke City Area, MT Reports Zero Avalanche Fatalities

    In a year when we feel like we're hearing about an overwhelming amount of avalanche victims, this area in Montana is reporting a 3rd consecutive year with zero avalanche fatalities after increasing education efforts. Increased Education Efforts Meant There Were No Avalanche Fatalities in Cooke...
  7. dbostedo

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Big Sky Gathering? Big Time Fun!

    View of Lone Peak from my morning bus stop on my last day of the Gathering I thought I'd just start this trip report with maybe the most important part... During this year's Gathering, we got... 40... freaking....inches... of... snow! Up high, at least. It came in over several days, made...
  8. Philpug

    2019 "The Gathering" Bridger Bowl side trip..what day?

    What day do we want to do the class trip to Bridger? I am thinking mid week.
  9. Tom K.

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Big Sky Ramcharger 8 Opens 12/14

    They're firing it up tomorrow (12/14), so they can work out all the kinks in plenty of time before the Pugski Gathering! 8 people on a chair?! I wonder how long it will take before they successfully load and unload a group of 8 snowboarders from one chair?! Asking for a friend. ;) Edit to...
  10. Spnole

    Whitefish in January

    Good Morning: I will be in Whitefish Jan 15th to 19th with a non skier. I am a confident intermediate who ventures into the trees and skis most black diamonds cautiously. Was hoping someone could show me the mountain and ski for a day or two. Post ski beers on me. To the moderators, I...
  11. Mike Rogers

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Cheap, Deep, and Steep Resorts in Northwest USA

    So, I am thinking about a road-trip through Montana, Idaho, and Washington State.....but not necessarily limited to those states. Looking for Cheap, Deep, and Steep, so I will probably avoid the bigger resorts. Alpental, Baker, and Bridger look interesting. So does Apex in BC. What else...
  12. Pete in Idaho

    Pacific NW/AK/BC 2018/19 Inland PNW (Wa.- No.Idaho -No Mt.)

    I know it is only Sept. BUT does anyone have any information on Lookouts expansion, anything new at Silver (head they've done some Glade work) anyone know where on the Mt. Anything new at Schweitzer ? Anyone going to Gathering at Big Sky?
  13. Sibhusky

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Changes coming to Whitefish

    This THIS is what I've been wanting a long time! Daily Inter Lake: Whitefish Mountain Resort proposes big changes for Hellroaring Basin. Interestingly, I filled out a resort...
  14. S

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Big Sky, MT

    We have been skiing at Big Sky in Montana for several years now. Recently did a write up on the resort: hope you enjoy and please let me know thoughts.
  15. Sibhusky

    Great Divide has new owners

    Probably in the category of "who cares" for most, but is industry news.
  16. Ken_R

    Northern Rockies/Alberta New 8 Seat Chairlift at Big Sky Honestly, I dont think this is a great idea. Imagine the mess downloading!? :eek::eek::eek: and add a mix of boarders and skiers :huh: What do you think?
  17. Suzski

    Lessons at Whitefish MT (1/19)

    Greetings all. I'll be heading to Whitefish MT in early January. I've never been before and am wondering about the ski school. I think it would be a great early(ish) season opportunity to get some bump instruction. Any recommendations? Thanx in advance. Cheers.
  18. Gary Stolt

    Pugski skiers receive a discount at "The Lodge at big Sky"

    Ok. We are set at the Lodge at big sky. Call 406-995-7858. Tell them you are with the pugski group. 2 beds $149 or $159 for a larger room with better view. They have one room available that has 3 beds for $159. Please request this room only if you need 3 beds. Save it for someone who needs...
  19. Tricia

    OFFICIAL 2019 Big Sky Gathering General Information

    2019 Gathering Big Sky Montana February 24 - March 2 This is a living post and will be changed as new information becomes available Schedule and General Information: Meeting Place: We will be in the Mountain Village at Big Sky, not to be mistaken with the Meadow Village at Big Sky. We will...
  20. Philpug

    2019 Big Sky Gathering -- Roll Call

    Another year, another Gathering. Who's in? 1. @Philpug 2. @Tricia 3. @Jasmine