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  1. dbostedo

    dbostedo Asst. Gathermeister-- Jackson Hole 2020 Moderator Team Gathermeister

    Feb 9, 2016
    Northern Virginia, USA
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 273 ACR Conv Pano.JPG
    View of Lone Peak from my morning bus stop on my last day of the Gathering

    I thought I'd just start this trip report with maybe the most important part...

    During this year's Gathering, we got... 40... freaking....inches... of... snow!

    Up high, at least. It came in over several days, made everything soft pretty much everywhere, all the time. Even the groomers had several inches on them most days.

    Big Sky really delivered - lots of great empty runs, minimal lift lines, tons of chopped pow and soft bumps, wide open glades, and generally fantastic skiing. Maybe the only negative was low visibility up high most days, limiting the chances to ski off the peak and higher lifts. But I don't think anyone minded too much - and I'm pretty sure all 60+ attendees had a great time.

    Getting There
    Most folks flew into Bozeman, although quite a few people drove as well. I flew into Bozeman from DC via Dallas on Saturday, so it was a bit of a long trip. I suppose difficulty to get there is one reason that Big Sky doesn't generally get crowded.

    The Bozeman airport fits very well with the town and area - it's reminiscent of a big ski lodge (or National Park lodge) with carpeting, fireplaces, and lots of big wood beams. At the baggage claim area they have a lot of elaborate ads... I particularly liked the one for Bridger Bowl.

    Bridger Bowl ad at baggage claim in Bozeman

    After getting my rental car I made an easy 1 hour drive down to Big Sky and got settled in and ready for the rest of the Gathering.

    Day 1 - Sunday

    The day started out gray and snow was expected... a good start. I decided I'd take the bus one stop from our condo to the base village. I wound up doing this every day.

    View of Lone Peak from the bus stop... you can almost make out the peak, but it wouldn't really show up until day 5
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 001 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    The group was meeting in the Mammoth room for the first two days.... a big public room at the base that provides additional cafeteria seating. We were able to boot up and leave bags there, and it worked out well to reacquaint and say hello to new and old friends. People grouped up and headed out for some great skiing!

    First morning meetup
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 002 DC ACR Conv.jpg Big Sky Gathering 030218 003 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    The first day, my group explored Andesite mountain... it has several lifts and a lot of great skiing. It's a large area in and of itself, and you start to get a sense of how big Big Sky really is... I'd call it sprawling. We found a lot of soft snow throughout the day and it snowed off and on.

    @Dean and @bigguyski watching others come up the new Ramcharger lift
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 006 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    Elk Park Meadows - this got skied quite a few days. A huge open meadow with varying pitches and bumps.

    Big Sky Gathering 030218 007 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    @lisamamot and @Dean on, I think, Thunder Wolf lift
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 010 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    Me and Elizabeth on Thunder Wolf lift
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 012 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    L-to-R : @lisamamot, Elizabeth, @Philpug, @bbinder in the Lizette glade. There were a lot of wide open glades of various difficulties at Big Sky... lots of fun for folks (like me) learning to ski trees more.
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 015 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    @bigguyski and @Dean in Lizette
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 017 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    @Philpug, @bigguyski, and @bbinder on Southern Comfort (the lift)
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 018 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    Requisite PugSki ski sticker shot I always take... this one with the cool new K2's @Philpug was on
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 019 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    Late in the day, after running into some other Gatherers, testing the snow depth just off the groomer (with @mdf, and a bit of @SkiDB and @Tony S thrown in too)
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 021 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    Every day after skiing, some of us headed to Montana Jack for apres... always nice to have a regular apres spot and just see who showed up each day. @Poolskier Vinny and his posse, including @FrozenDessert, really drove the apres - it was a great group to hang out with, though I didn't get to ski with them. Next time!

    Adele, @MattSmith, @SkiDB
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 022 DC ACR Conv.jpg
    @Poolskier Vinny in the middle, and more of his Canadian posse
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 023 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    Day 2 - Monday

    This was a bit of a "mountain tour" kind of day, as we wanted to get across the resort to the "Moonlight Basin" side - the part of the resort that used to be a separate resort called Moonlight Basin. This involves 4 lifts to get over to the very furthest runs, which is what we wanted to do, so it took a while. After a warm up run down some nice soft groomers, we made our way over.

    Warm up run was crowded in the early morning :P
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 026 ACR Conv Pano.JPG

    @bigguyski navigating around the crowds
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 027 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    @bigguyski ... smooth turns!
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 028 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    We made it over to Horseshoe, the furthest run eventually (with some great snow along the way) and it was beautiful. It's a very gentle blue run, but has a couple inches of snow on top of untouched grooming, and several inches to play around in off of either side. A few other folks decided to try some of the black tree runs in the area too... which I'd do later in the week.

    Almost untracked, hero groomer
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 034 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    @Weegie McAdams, Meimei, and @Flying Dutchess on Horseshoe
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 035 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    After the Horseshoe run, we headed over to the Madison base for a break and decided to head back for lunch to the main base... it was a lot of travelling around the mountain.

    @John Webb, @Dean, @lisamamot, and @BillSavage near the Madison base
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 041 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    After lunch we went back over to some familiar territory on Andesite mountain to finish the day.

    @bigguyski in Elk Park Meadow picking a line down
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 049 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    @Flying Dutchess, @Weegie McAdams, and @bigguyski back in Lizette - I think I did this run about 5 times during the week
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 051 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    Monday night was the party at PugSki central... it was a nice time with a big turnout, but I didn't take pics. What happens at a PugSki party stays at a PugSki party I guess.

    Day 3 - Tuesday

    Tuesday we got a refresh on the snow (though didn't really need it :D) We skied some of the groomers off of the Swift Current chair, hoping that a couple of the other areas we hadn't hit yet would open. (Shedhorn and Dakota lifts... They were closed for avy mitigation, mostly of the high terrain above them I think.) We found some more nice open glades to ski, and some good groomers and did several laps.

    The area didn't appear to be opening any time soon, so we once again headed back to the Ramcharger lift on Andesite mountain. It was snowing pretty heavily off and on, and a bubble chair was welcome. As was the soft and deep snow we found in places.

    Snowing heavily as @bigguyski and @Dean ski snow covered/filled in bumps
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 057 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    @Flying Dutchess, @Dean, @bigguyski, and @Weegie McAdams under the bubble
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 058 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    Later that afternoon, I met some others at Everett's 8800 restaurant at the top of Ramcharger. It's a sit down restaurant at an elevation of 8800 feet. You need reservations for lunch, but I think it's worth it. It was very nice, the food was good, and it was pricey but not crazy. One of the reasons they put in the fancy bubble chair was to allow non-skiers to come up here any time, and we saw a few who just rode up for lunch.

    Inside Everett's. We got the table in the back corner with windows on both sides - nice!

    Later I skied several times down Ambush Meadows, which had some deep-ish stuff all along the skier's right side among some thin trees. It was great. And I ran into a few other PugSkiers to finish the day!

    Great snow all day!
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 059 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    @PisteOff and @ChunderBlunder coming out of the trees and bumps on Ambush Glades
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 064 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    @Gary Stolt carving some soft stuff at the bottom of Ambush Glade
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 066 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    Day 4 - Wednesday

    Best Day Ever!

    We got a bunch more snow - the biggest amount of the week - and skied some wonderful runs. With all the new snow, some of us wanted to head back over to the Moonlight Basin side and ski some of the tree runs over there. On the way we found some nearly untracked areas and lots of deep (for me - ankle to shin deep) snow.

    The Lone Tree lift was running in fits and starts, and not running at times, so we skied a few cruising runs - and a gully - in the Moonlight area wating to go up Lone Tree. Once that started running we got into Single Jack, which I think was my favorite run and the deepest pockets of snow I've skied - knee deep in places!

    @Jim Kenney joined us and "commandeered" my camera, and we got a bunch of action shots in the deep snow. Including some of me, which is nice though I'm not used to that.

    @Pumba and @theNitza heading to the Moonlight side
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 069 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    @theNitza skiing the chopped up pow

    Big Sky Gathering 030218 083 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    Me in the chop
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 087 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    @Pumba charging some bumps and drops

    Big Sky Gathering 030218 119 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    Me again... I'm starting to like this "off-piste" stuff! :)

    Big Sky Gathering 030218 135 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    @Pumba driving hard

    Big Sky Gathering 030218 148 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    @theNitza getting a bit of air off a bump

    Big Sky Gathering 030218 159 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    @Pumba watching @Jim Kenney head down some deep stuff
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 168 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    We lapped the Six Shooter lift waiting for Lone Tree to open, and a bunch of other folks had the same idea we did. This was about the biggest lift line of the week, and was only a few minutes.

    Six Shooter lift line
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 170 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    Once Lone Tree opened, we headed to the Single Jack run, which was mostly empty. At one point a couple of skiers cruised past us and said "please don't tell anyone about this" as they passed. I understood... Why wouldn't you want it all to yourself?!?

    @Pumba in Single Jack

    Big Sky Gathering 030218 174 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    @theNitza at the bottom of one of the steeper little pitches
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 175 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    Looking down another pillow soft pitch
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 177 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    @Pumba in the pow
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 182 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    We also did some of the other little open glades/tree runs including some of the blue ones... still nice, but not as fun as the ones we did earlier.

    View of Whiskey run
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 189 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    @theNitza in Whiskey
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 191 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    A bit later we ran into the @KingGrump group... which lead us to ski the face under the Lone Tree lift, which I believe is the steepest thing I've ever skied. Which was a great experience in all the soft snow, though I was tired and struggled a bit. I think I'd do it more justice if I got another crack at it!

    And of course I ended the day at Montana Jack again, with some usual suspects....

    @Poolskier Vinny and @MattSmith - always so serious
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 206 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    Kathleen (I think? Sorry if I've got that wrong!) with an impressive trick - Canadians are good with pint glasses. ;)
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 207 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    Day 5 - Thursday

    Thursday things started to clear, so it looked like the day the tram may really be open. So folks started heading higher. I wasn't planning to do the tram, but I did want to check out the bowl under the peak near the tram base. So we headed up high early.

    @Tony S, and @Tony (who arrived to ski this day) looking at the clearing up high
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 214 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    At the top of the Powder Seeker lift (heated six-pack bubble, btw) you get a good view of the tram and couloirs ... it wasn't as clear up high as hoped
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 224 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    View of the base village from up high
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 228 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    We lapped Powder Seeker a few times, before they opened the bowl. Quite a few folks - 50? 100? - raced into it quickly.
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 231 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    After lapping Powder Seeker for a while, it was getting cloudier, foggier, and flatter light, so we headed low to do some laps on the Iron Horse chair that most of us hadn't really skied yet. We found some nice runs and glades.

    @Flying Dutchess coming out of the liftline glade
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 235 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    @Dean spraying some pow
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 238 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    After heading back for lunch, I met up with a couple of other folks who had just arrived this day, and skied around Andesite in the afternoon with them. Of course, we skied Lizette again! It was getting warm and sunny in places by the end of the day, and the snow was getting obviously heavier and stickier down low.

    @fosphenytoin in Lizette
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 239 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    Georgeann in Lizette

    Big Sky Gathering 030218 249 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    We also skied Congo Line - still a blue run, but a bit more serious glade with nice bumps. I think PugSkiers spent a lot of time on this run, as it was convenient to heading back to the base.
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 253 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    The sun was again returning in the afternoon. This is from under the Swift Current lift, with Andesite mountain on the right.
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 261 ACR Conv Pano.JPG

    Finally around the end of the day we actually could see the peak for the first time all week, with a spot of sun on it... a sign of things to come
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 264 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    Day 6 - Friday

    Friday was sunny! The only sunny day we got all week, and it was nice to end on a bluebird day. The mountain was beautiful in the sun, the runs were fast, but it was still pretty cold so there was still soft snow to be found.

    The random ski rack I picked in the morning before booting up was popular with PugSkiers
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 274 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    A bluebird Friday can bring out the crowds. Lines at the base got this long occassionally, but weren't consistent... this line would wane to just a handful of folks a little later in the morning

    Big Sky Gathering 030218 275 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    Lone Mountain in the sun is pretty amazing to see
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 276 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    The base village mall looking perfectly wintry... Montana Jack apres spot is in the low section on the left
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 277 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    Part of Elk Ridge Meadow in the sun.... it stayed relatively soft and nice
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 278 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    I spent the morning skiing with @mdf, @Needham, and @SkiDB
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 279 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    We ripped some of the nice groomers in the sun... @mdf finishing up here
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 280 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    Big Sky Gathering 030218 281 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    Then we hit Bear's Lair... a (for me) steep tree run.... tiring for me, but fun, and the others were very encouraging, like @SkiDB
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 283 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    Then we headed up high... and could fully see the couliors - Big Couloir on the left, and Little on the right
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 289 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    A few more runs, and my last ski day was done
    Big Sky Gathering 030218 292 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    On Saturday, I drove back to Bozeman and took a flight out. We had some de-icing problems in Bozeman, and some flight delay in Dallas because my connection was coming from Denver. I got home in about 13 hours. Big Sky is not the easiest place to get to... or to leave either!

    Other stuff

    Lift Tickets :

    I was on the Mountain Collective pass, and had three included days. After that I bought a three day lift ticket, with each day at half the window rate, or ~$80 a day. It was nice that I could just get a 3 day ticket. At Taos (for instance) you have to buy a single day ticket each morning.

    So far this year I've used 5 included days on the MCP, and plan to get two more. And I've bought 6 half price days, so it's worked out well for $410. But as I've also skied Sunday River and Stratton, an Ikon pass would actually have been cheaper. Have to look at that for next season.

    Lodging :

    We got a two bedroom, two bath condo walking distance from the base (a bit of a hike, but I walked home every day) for ~$1400 for the week. Not bad IMO. Others had a great deal at the hotel right at the base village. And others had nice house rentals down the mountain a few miles drive. Lots of options at Big Sky.

    Rental car :

    I lucked out on a great deal with Alamo that I got back in September - $216 advertised for the week for a full-size SUV (~$250 with taxes). I had a Nissan Armada which was great for the snow covered roads everywhere, and for getting in and out of our parking lot as it got snowed in throughout the week.

    Food :

    The food at the cafeteria was actually pretty good, I thought, and not too expensive. Everett's was very good and worth doing. At night we mostly ate in, though we did hit Alberto's in the Meadow Village one night and it wasn't bad - pretty typical mexican place. There are a few recommended restaurants in the area, but we didn't make it out to them.

    Finally, it was great meeting a bunch of new people, and old friends. This was my fourth national Gathering, and they keep me coming back. So thanks especially to those who made it happen and/or I got to meet and spend time with - this list gets longer every year! @Philpug, @Tricia, @MattSmith, Steve, @Weegie McAdams, @Dean, @Flying Dutchess, @bigguyski, Elizabeth, @mdf, @KevinF, @Tony S, @Tony, Lucia, @Poolskier Vinny, @FrozenDessert, ( and @plusone and @beaver_mittens and the rest of the crew - where are the accounts?), @KingGrump, Mamie, @jimmy, @bbinder, @gardenmary, @lisamamot, Meimei, @fosphenytoin, Georgeann, @SShore, @Unpiste, @Near Nyquist, @Andy Mink, @AKMINK, @PisteOff, @ChunderBlunder, @TheArchitect, @SkiDB, @Gary Stolt, @UGASkiDawg, @DanoT, @Needham, @Shifterkart, @Jim Kenney, @Vince, @Stephen, @Pumba, @theNitza, @SKI-3PO, @Johnny V., @John Webb ... and probably several others I'm forgetting (sorry!) For those of you I didn't meet or talk to, maybe next year.

    I can't wait for Jackson Hole!!
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  2. Jim Kenney

    Jim Kenney Travel Correspondent Industry Insider Team Gathermeister

    Nov 27, 2015
    Outstanding report. You may be the record holder - skied with the most different Gatherers at one Gathering! :golfclap: It was a pleasure to make some turns with you again.
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  3. Philpug

    Philpug Enjoying being back on two skis. Admin Pugski Ski Tester

    Nov 1, 2015
    Reno, eNVy
    Another awesome @dbostedo trip report. You are showing me how much of the mountain I missed this week. You mentioned Congo (and Congo Line), I think I skied them more than any other runs...they were soooo fun but after seeing your pics, there was so much we missed off of 6 shooter.
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  4. Jim Kenney

    Jim Kenney Travel Correspondent Industry Insider Team Gathermeister

    Nov 27, 2015
    Also, you might want to insert this photo (taken by Pumba?) right after your opening statement about 40 freaking inches:roflmao:
  5. Thread Starter

    dbostedo Asst. Gathermeister-- Jackson Hole 2020 Moderator Team Gathermeister

    Feb 9, 2016
    Northern Virginia, USA
    That's a great one! Thanks! :) That run was the first time I've been able to think "I'm going too fast, so I'll just plow through that big pile of snow to slow down".
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  6. Thread Starter

    dbostedo Asst. Gathermeister-- Jackson Hole 2020 Moderator Team Gathermeister

    Feb 9, 2016
    Northern Virginia, USA
    Everything on the trail map right of the Six Shooter lift over to Lookout Ridge seemed cool, though I didn't ski much of it. Lookout Ridge is literally a ridge with tree runs coming down off either side.
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  7. Coach13

    Coach13 Out on the slopes Skier

    Nov 15, 2015
    No. VA
  8. MarkP

    MarkP Out on the slopes Skier

    Jul 15, 2017
    Excellent report, @dbostedo. You captured the mountain, conditions and vibe quite well in words and views.
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  9. bbinder

    bbinder Out on the slopes Skier

    Nov 12, 2015
    Great report! Thanks.
  10. SkiDB

    SkiDB Booting up Skier

    Feb 3, 2019
    Thanks for the great report! It was a pleasure skiing with you and everyone else. With such a wonderful week, I’m having a hard time re-acclimating to real life. I can’t wait for Jackson next year!!

    Here are a few shots of my Friday morning with @mdf, @dbostedo, and @Needham .
    297B7123-BDD7-4C30-8899-70519915A33B.jpeg E45DACDA-04EE-4CEA-9D4D-1D28BCC43EED.jpeg 46F58672-4ACE-43A5-9BB7-C816A6A7EC9C.jpeg 5CE993B0-A72E-402B-8BB0-E7923E45A101.jpeg

    Attached Files:

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  11. Andy Mink

    Andy Mink I am a half fast skier. Moderator Pugski Ski Tester

    Nov 12, 2015
    Skis by me, @Philpug, @Tricia, and @AKMINK. Not sure who the Atomics belong to. Maybe @Johnny V.? The Renouns on the other side are either @PisteOff or the day @jimmy was using them.
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  12. AeroSKI5150

    AeroSKI5150 MikeChuckNorris Skier

    Dec 12, 2015
    Charlotte, NC USA (formerly Boston)
    WOW! That's really the only word that comes to mind when describing this year's gathering... truly amazing snow conditions on a great mountain, with so many great people!

    Missed the last two gatherings by just a week in both Whistler (2017) and Utah (2018) and finally got to re-connect with the PugSKI crew at the very place of the last gathering I attended... and how great is Big Sky now combined with Moonlight Basin (except for the "private club" Moonlight lodge, what's up with that?)

    Anyway thanks so much for the hospitality @Philpug and @Tricia, the meet'n'greet party was lovely and enjoyed catching up with you both. Truly wonderful to spend more time with @margaritamarcia and @bbinder and to meet @Shifterkart & Kollette. @Tony , sorry we didn't get to take any more turns together, was looking forward to more after our day at Heavenly! Finally, I'm not sure if they've signed up here yet, but new Pugs Sean (Asheville NC) and Andy (Phoenix) who's path happened to cross with mine and Neill's (@NeillST) on this trip.

    I think everyone else has summed it up quite well. Only complaint... NEVER ENOUGH TIME... especially when conditions are like that. Life goals to be able to live closer and/or generally spend more time in places and snow like that to fully appreciate the gift. Lizette was one of my faves, and apparently I should have spent more time on Africa/Congo/Madagascar having seen the later pictures. Iron Horse lift territory was great except when the lift malfunctioned and we were stuck for 45(?) minutes.

    new Pug #1 - Andy (Londoner living in PHX)


    FINALLY got to try the Elk Chops @ Buck's... worth the trip!

    One of the few days with a bit of light... the snow was worth it but really would have loved staying long enough to enjoy a true bluebird day!

    Great powder!

    A "busy day" at Big Sky, my idea of perfection!

    Marveling at the conditions, @Shifterkart, Kollette, @margaritamarcia

    @NeillST checking your phone in conditions like that? tsk tsk! Neill.jpg

    New Pug #2 - Sean from Asheville, industry colleague of mine, sheer coincidence our paths crossed!

    See y'all in Jackson 2020 !!!!!


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  13. skidrew

    skidrew Putting on skis Skier

    May 1, 2017
    Yeah, the elk chop is IMO the best item on the menu, and it has always been cooked absolutely perfectly.

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