tree skiing

  1. N

    Brahma 88 vs Enforcer 88 - help me decide

    Help me decide. This will be an east coast ski . I have been getting back into skiing after a 15 year hiatus. I am 45 yo, 195 lbs. I am currently a high intermediate to low expert skier, and regaining my former skills rapidly. I spend most of my time on piste, but I also love challenging...
  2. raisingarizona

    Arizona ski edit

  3. Tricia

    Pealess whistle

    Its been a very long time since I've thought about a pealess whistle, but the recent thread about the tree well death and @cantunamunch's post about being "audible" made me think again about having a pealess whistle handy when tree skiing. I have one around here somewhere, maybe time to dig it...
  4. TonyPlush

    Colorado Moderate Tree Skiing - Does anywhere compare to Steamboat?

    After traveling to almost all the major Colorado resorts, the Park City destinations, Whistler, etc. I find myself dreaming of Steamboat the most. And specifically, Steamboat's trees. Tree runs like Shadows, Morningside/Alarm Clock, the trees around Crowtrack, and even the easy Sunshine Lift...
  5. CalG

    Southern Vermont access alert

    Though I have not been able to peg an online information source, I have it on good authority that the terrain accessible from the "Ridge Trail" between Haystack and Mt. Snow is approved for "selective thinning" and greater "hike to, and ski down" recreational activities. I've looked at those...
  6. TheHitman

    Tree Well Safety

    Obviously, the safest thing to do is ski with a partner. But let's face it, partners don't always stay with you. And on some occasions, you may wander into the trees alone. So what kind of safety devices or methods can be taken? Would an airbag backpack be appropriate for inbound skiing...
  7. Brice Westring

    Next skis...Black Crows?

    All Looking to get my next all mountain ski. Currently on several year old Nordica Enforcer 98mm underfoot. Love this ski but after 5 years and taking a rock all the way to the core jumping in last Spring, I think it is time to put those as the pre/late season option. I ski 1 week at...
  8. T

    Recommendations for 2nd ski to compliment Enforcer 100

    Hello all, I am looking for a narrower ski to compliment my Enforcer 100. I'm an intermediate level, haven't skied in years due to being in grad school but am getting back into it now. I live in the PNW and work contracts, so I have no "home" mountain to speak of, but will always likely be in...
  9. Slim

    Colorado Crested Butte vs Steamboat

    What are the pros and cons of Steamboat Springs vs Crested Butte? Family trip, don't care about nightlife or shopping. Late February (the days following Presidents' Day) Don't ski any extreme terrain, just want nice blue-blacks and blacks, moguls, tree skiing,the best chance of powder, fun...
  10. J

    Colorado Winter Park Intel

    I'm thinking of bringing my 10 year old son out for his first western ski trip. With flights as cheap as they are to DEN right now, I'm thinking of Winter Park. The 4-pack is $179. It's the last of the major resorts in the Denver area i haven't been to. In order to gain the benefit being an...
  11. Living Proof

    Skis and Trees

    Let me begin by stating my tree skiing experience is very limited, as my home Pa. ski mountain has almost no tree skiing. What little they have also is a magnet for creating rock skis. My experience is mostly on western trips and then mostly in older snow glades. So, making turns around trees...