Brice Westring

Yeehaw Jesters dead
Aug 14, 2018

Looking to get my next all mountain ski. Currently on several year old Nordica Enforcer 98mm underfoot. Love this ski but after 5 years and taking a rock all the way to the core jumping in last Spring, I think it is time to put those as the pre/late season option.

I ski 1 week at Sugarbush and two weeks out west. While I’m the wrong side of 45, I still hit everything within reason at Jackson last year, including Corbett’s. That said I am 5’10” and only 165 so cant handle burly boards.

I love moguls and trees, I still let em lose on the groomers, but would give up stability for agility.

For reference I have a pair of Blizzard Bodacious I can’t stand except in deep pow (for sale if interested) as the radius and stiffness are too much.

I have really been interested in Black Crows but not easy to get or test where I live, so looking for guidance. Any thoughts on the Corvus or Atris? Are these too wide for what I am looking for? Trying to leave big boards at home when I go out west, could always use the enforcers back east.