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Out on the slopes
Sep 30, 2016
Ah the old photos and vids forum, I guess this is where threads with good user created content go to die.

Seriously tho mods, I think it’s lame that you keep moving my posts into here. The random ski video thread does really well in the general forum and I would have appreciated the traffic on my video. Whatever......


So much better than a pro
Dec 2, 2015
Wow, nice. Are the trees really that good or is it just the vid?

It's a beautiful area of the country. Never skied there though. Years ago I lived for several months in Flagstaff on a property with a horse motel. I got to go up into the nearby mountains a few times on horseback. Once in a late October snow to shut down the cattle tank feed line. That was amazing.

I did hike up to the top once. Turned out to be a very interesting hike. The only raingear I had was a Barbour coat, heavy as hell, but I dragged it up. Not a good idea to get to 12k ft with no protection even though the day was totally clear.
So I'm up on the saddle having some lunch before going to the top. I look down in the flatlands, opposite side of the Snowbowl, and I start seeing these fairly large explosions go off every once in a while. Fireballs and all. At least half a dozen. Turns out that area has been an ammunition storage depot since WW2. Bunkers all over. That day they were blowing off old bombs.

Well after that entertainment seemed to be over I started getting ready to go when something had me look up. Coming right at the mountain upwards was a freakin' fighter jet! Went right in front of me through the saddle! Only a few hundred feet up. It was older, pretty sure it was silver, maybe an F104, but i can't remember now. Never heard it coming. Just amazing. Totally made the hike.