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  1. C

    Full time in Stowe--does any one have first hand/real life insight---Erik Timmerman maybe...

    Hello all; I hope every one is well and safe. I was hoping that there could be a member who might share any solid, first hand experience relating to the full time community in Stowe. Backstory--About me: I am a 62 year old life long skier, a career professional, who worked in NYC. I was...
  2. Popaas

    New England Best on East?

    Sup guys!? Coming from Europe, living in NYC. Every year we go skiing somewhere at East Coast. So far we've been to Stowe and Killington (not counting places around NYC since it's a joke - like 2 lifts, 4 trails lol...). We used to ski all over Europe and understand it's not and can't be...
  3. CalG

    Heavy snow a commentary

    Here in Vermont we have had a recent sour weather event that has put down several inches of "sugar sand" over some mighty hard and slick base. (Eastern blue ice) I've had some very enjoyable runs through what could be treacherous if not unrewarding conditions. A soft touch is needed when...
  4. HomeLight Killington Cup 2019

    HomeLight Killington Cup 2019

    Editor's Note: the formatting on this article may look a little funky as we work some kinks out of the updated system. All photos by @AaronFM unless otherwise noted. - RR The fourth edition of the Audi FIS Alpine Killington Cup sponsored by HomeLight is ready to roll tomorrow in Vermont...
  5. KevinF

    2020 New England Gathering -- March 27th to 29th

    Save some Stowe -- err, Killington -- days on your Ikon passes; Pugski will be invading Killington from March 27th to the 29th as per the poll results. Meeting place will be 9AM each morning at the base of the Snowdon six pack. See the orange-circled area. We'll do a couple laps off that...
  6. Brian Finch

    New England Stratton skiers / riders?

    Who’s basing out of Stratton for the 2020 season? With Ikon, we expect to be there a bunch more. What’s the local Beta?
  7. surfsnowgirl

    Plans for 2019-2020 season

    I've been teaching at Bromley for 2 seasons now. Prior to this I was teaching at Butternut in Western Mass for a couple years. We have a friend who's a snowboard instructor at Magic, who has a condo there as well and he's really trying hard to get me to teach at Magic next season. I'm in...
  8. KevinF

    2019 New England Gathering trip report

    Preview of coming attractions:
  9. graham418

    Killington April 6 , 7, 8

    Will be skiing Killington on April 6 - 8 , if anyones going to be there. A large crowd from Toronto is coming down
  10. pais alto

    Stowe life evac

    Okay, I wasn’t there, so I don’t know and I don’t want to be a dick. Does anyone have any info or ideas about why evacuating 150+ people from what looks like a somewhat low double lift would take over 3 hours on a weekend (figuring most chairs were full?)? Weather, staffing, equipment...
  11. Nathanvg

    New England Gore, Magic, Pico, Mt Snow or Sugarbush

    I'm headed to Albany for work at the end of the month and plan to get a little skiing in. Most likely I'll be skiing a Sunday and Tuesday. I'm looking for recommendations on where to ski. Skiing on a Tuesday is a treat with no crowds. I'll likely do Gore or Mt Snow on Tuesday (need to be...
  12. hollyberry

    Good bootfitter near sugarbush?

    Hey everyone! I’m looking for recommendations for a great bootfitter near Sugarbush in VT. My husband and I have new equipment that we bought two summers ago on sale but didn’t get to break in or have adjusted because work/moving stole all our time : ( We’re hoping to have a better ski season...
  13. Rudi Riet

    COVERAGE: FIS Alpine World Cup - Killington, VT - 24-25 Nov 2018

    Welcome to Pugski's coverage of the 2018 FIS Alpine World Cup races from Killington, Vermont! Quickly, here's a list of the names submitted by the U.S. Ski Team and Alpine Canada for this weekend's races: USST GS: AJ Hurt Abi Jewett Patricia Mangan Nina O'Brien Foreste Peterson Mikaela...
  14. CalG

    Southern Vermont access alert

    Though I have not been able to peg an online information source, I have it on good authority that the terrain accessible from the "Ridge Trail" between Haystack and Mt. Snow is approved for "selective thinning" and greater "hike to, and ski down" recreational activities. I've looked at those...
  15. J

    So what would you do with a first timer? (stratton)

    This is a few months away but I'll be racing at stratton and I might take a girl who has never skied or even seen snow before with me. She's expressed an interest in wanting to try it and is naturally athletic. I won't be able to ski with her at all the first two days. So what would you do...
  16. Guy in Shorts

    New England Killington 2018-19

    Guy In Shorts Oct 13 Killington Report Cold moisture falling from the sky was painting the mountain peaks a lovely white. Total of three inches of winter were measured at the stake. Mountain Bikers were the only official ones to get first tracks but I do know of couple friends that snuck in a...
  17. Philpug

    For Sale Bed & Breakfast opportunity in Vermont $359K

    Link to listing: 416 East St. Middletown Springs, VT House is on 3.7 Acres and backs up to the Poultney River. While the house is on a remote country road, it is within 45 minutes of great skiing at Killington or Okemo. For the academic types, Poultney College and Green Mountain College are...
  18. Bill Talbot

    Okemo, Mount Sunapee and crested butte are now Epic!
  19. S

    New England Smugglers Notch

    Anybody have any intel? Seems a bit on the expensive side all things considered? Kids-oriented trip... I'm seeing $5k for a 2 bedroom condo and tickets included. Thoughts?
  20. Brian Finch

    Pico available for rent

    :beercheer: Pico is offering the mountain up for $6500 this season. I’m thinking @Philpug & I should stage a members event.