1. Tim Hedin

    SKiBoot RX is back!

    SkiBoot Rx has returned to I am excited to be back and offer to the members of the best deals on all of your ski equipment. Skiboot Rx is not a big mega shop with a huge internet presence, in fact, square footage size we are a very small shop. SkiBoot Rx is owned by a...
  2. Tricia

    Cage Match Comparison 2020 Nordica Santa Ana 88 vs 2020 Nordica Santa Ana 93

    This Cage Match is more like a sibling throwdown. With the introduction of the Santa Ana 88, Nordica has forced the question, "Which is better for me, the 88 or 93?" At first glance, the differences in waist width and turning radius seem negligible, which may leave you scratching your head...
  3. SkiEssentials

    Sponsored 2020 Nordica Santa Ana 88 Review

    This week on Chairlift Chat we take a look at the new Nordica Santa Ana 88!
  4. Other Aaron

    Gear BD Boundary 107 vs Enforcers to get into touring. You've probably heard this before

    Yes, you probably have been asked this before. I am looking to start touring around the seattle area (Ive done my intro tour and Avy Class), but need a ski setup. I wonder if I should go for a bit more of a touring focused setup, or a 70/30 resort/touring setup as I decide how far I am...
  5. SkiEssentials

    Sponsored 2020 Nordica Enforcer 88 Ski Review

    We're excited to share our review of the new 2020 Nordica Enforcer 88! We've been testing these skis for about a month now and are genuinely impressed. Hands down a valuable addition to the lineup.
  6. Tricia

    Individual Review Nordica Proto Project Santa Ana 88

    I'm excited to be recognized by Nordica as a key influencer in women's ski gear, and have been chosen to be one of the women involved with the Nordica Proto Project Santa Ana 88. Follow along as I put these through the paces over the next year. Nordica has taken the shape that we love from...
  7. A

    Ski Selection for Intermediate Level Skier

    Hello All, Been lurking on here for about a month now, and since I will be moving to Colorado I am looking to purchase my first "real" pair of all mountain skis. I would consider myself an intermediate level skier (25 6'2" 180/185lbs) but I would like to get skis that will allow to grow. I...
  8. B

    Atomic Hawx Prime 120S or Nordica Speed Machine 130

    Hi everyone, this is my first topic on the forum. Firstly i would like to apologize for my language mistakes, im still learning :) I find two ski boots which are fit very good to my foot Atomic Hawx Prime 120S and Nordica Speed Machine 130, both models from 2018/19 season. I think atomic is...
  9. Noodler

    Who owns who? Current ski company ownership

    I've lost track of which ski companies are in which company "families". I've searched, but not coming up with an accurate updated picture of how things currently are with the parent companies and their brands. Anyone have a reference source with the answers?
  10. Pugski Test Team

    Comparison Review 2019 Ski Reviews Are In!

    Here are links to all of the reviews we have compiled of the 2019 skis. Full List By brand:
  11. Philpug

    Nordica Intensifies FIS Alpine Ski World Cup Involvement

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Nordica Intensifies FIS Alpine Ski World Cup Involvement Company signs young European athletes Marc Rochat, Justin Murisier, and Boštjan Kline WEST LEBANON, N.H. – June 1, 2018 – Nordicatoday announced signing three new FIS Alpine World Cup athletes, swiss racers Marc...
  12. Analisa

    Nordica Santa Ana 100 vs Blizzard Sheeva 10

    Anyone skied both of these with a comparison to share? I'd love to see a cage match between the two. Enforcer/Rustler 10 comparison would work too. Both options sound like one quiver setup for the PNW. Thanks!
  13. Michael Kane

    Sneak Peek: 2018/2019 Gear

    It is getting to be that time when we starting to see something pop regarding next year's stuff. Anyone have any information, rumors or anything regarding to new gear. Have seen minor teasers for new boots by Fischer and Nordica, Anyone got anything else.
  14. Philpug

    Cage Match Comparison SkiEssentials Blizzard Brahma SP vs Nordica NRGy 85 R

    Longtime sponsor @SkiEssentials is having a sale on two under-the-radar skis, the Blizzard Brahma SP and Nordica NRGy 85 R. These skis will prove difficult to research, because they are not “in line” skis, which means they are not in the catalogs, in regular product mixes, or on a ski shop's...
  15. skiwagon

    High Instep... best boots

    Good evening! I’ve been through several boot fittings recently and wasn’t able to pull the trigger on a boot. I was in a Tecnica Mach 1 120 last year that my bootfitter made several adjustments to. They felt great when flexed in skis, otherwise we could never get the balls of my feet to stop...
  16. Philpug

    Cage Match Comparison 2018 Blizzard Brahma and Brahma CA vs 2018 Nordica Navigator 90 and 85

    In trying to outmaneuver Blizzard, Nordica has been sneaky smart, and to an extent it is working. Nordica caught its cousin a bit flatfooted when putting the Enforcer 100 up against the Bonafide. When the Enforcer 93 came out, Blizzard’s Brahma and Regulator were left to rely on their reputation...
  17. K

    New ski help Enforcer 93 vs Brahma vs Vantage 90CTI

    I'm looking to get a new set for this upcoming season. I've skied Atomics most of my adult life and like the way they hold on the East coast snow/ice, but the Smoke Ti(s) are getting long in the tooth and I thought I'd upgrade. So, reading all kinds of reviews and talking with more...
  18. Tricia

    Comparison Review Tricia's 2018 Thumbnail Reviews: 74+mm Skis

    Now that you've read about my thoughts on skinny skis in the Sub-73mm reviews, it's time to give the wider skis some attention. Armada Trace 98 Dimensions: 130-98-121 Radius: [email protected] Size tested: 172 Design: All New This new lineup from Armada, which features its crystal mesh, is one of...
  19. Tricia

    11th Annual Mother's Day at Arapahoe Basin

    Hey Look! It's baaaaaack! It's hard to believe, but... It's time to wax It's time to get your beach attire ready Whatever your beach attire may be... Get your ShotzSki mojo on Get your dancing shoes ready for the Conga Line or perhaps some Ballet Look for the Pugski flags at the...
  20. DB Cooper

    Comparison Review Help me with my next ski (90-98mm)

    First, big shout out to this community. You guys help me settle on a pair of Backland109's and it was a great decision. I am now on a mission to find my next ski. A bit about me: 6 foot three, 215, 37 years old, lives in Utah. Before I got the Backland I was skiing on an E 100. I had bought...