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  1. MT Skull


    I might have mentioned this in the past, Bumpapalooza has taken place at Winter Park/Mary Jane for 13 years now. It's usually a Wed-Sun in early March, when bump skiers from across the country fly in to punish themselves I guess. A lot of these folks hail from my old stomping grounds...
  2. abcd

    Bump lesson from Takao

    I typed this into "recreational and sustainable" thread and Tricia locked the thread just as I was typing this. Didn't think it deserves a separate thread, but it's already typed so can't let it go to waste :) Youtube suddenly offered a gem from 8 years ago - a video of a 1 hr lesson with...
  3. LuliTheYounger

    Miniature Woman Seeks Less Annoying Bump Skis - Demo Ideas?

    I'm 5'1 and 95ish lbs. I've been on the Volkl Kenjas for four or five seasons and really like them in most conditions, but suddenly had a moment the other day where I realized that I don't *love* them in bumps.... and bumps are probably 90% of what I ski. Some of it is definitely user error, but...
  4. Ken in LA

    Mogul Clinics... your thoughts?

    I am interested in enrolling in a mogul clinic this upcoming season. Have many Pugskiers attended mogul clinics and if so what are your thoughts? I read Dan DiPiro’s book on mogul skiing, have had a great time in the bumps, and am ready to advance to the next level. I had signed up for a clinic...
  5. L

    Head Kore 99 bindings

    Hi everyone. I just bought myself a pair of Head Kore 99's. I've been shopping around for bindings. I cannot decide between the Tyrolia Attacks, Marker Griffons, or Look Pivots. Any thoughts/comments?
  6. 9

    music video

  7. MarkG

    Momentum Ski Clinic

    So this last week I went up to Blackcomb to partake in 2 days of bumps in the zipper line. What a blast, and what a rude awakening. I realized the night before Day 1 that there was a chance I'd get dumped from class. On signing up, I failed to make the connection that a level 5/6 in Canadian...
  8. CS2-6

    Forerunner: The Most Righteous Shop on the Planet

    This kinda post probably doesn't usually deserve it's own thread, but whatever. I bought a pair of skis from the Forerunner Shop in Killington, VT. Now, I have bought a number of things in my time, but this was easily, without a doubt, bar none, the best experience exchanging currency for...
  9. Suzski

    Bumps for Boomers Clinics - Pros/Cons?

    I'm planning ahead for next season and am considering the BFB clinic in Aspen. Just curious whether anyone has done this clinic and what your impressions are. It is pricey so I'm trying to do some grassroots research. Many thanx in advance.
  10. asolo

    what skis for mogul camp

    I have a mogul skiing camp coming up (@ WP). I have got a pair of heavy old SL type skis (Rossi CS70). I am pretty comfortable on these, but throwing them around is a lot of work. Also, pretty stiff. Should I go ahead and rent something else? I am guessing the only thing reliably found at rental...
  11. Josh Matta

    Zipperline Bump skiing,objectively why

    What is OBJECTIVELY better about it? Its not faster than GS turning though bumps, its not less impacts than smooth round lines, its more tiring, it not at versatile "places have bad bumps", its not slower than other methods. If you subjectively like that style of skiing better , thats great...
  12. Plai

    Recreational Sustainable Mogul style?

    @SSSdave says that he spends all day in the bumps (at Tahoe area resorts). @KingGrump comments about skiing moguls 6 out of 7 days at Taos. This has got me thinking: 1. I want to do what they do. 2. I don't know how they do what they do. Please, pretty please, drop words of wisdom, or better...
  13. Josh Matta

    People asked for ice bumps, so here are some ice bumps

    I honestly felt like crap while filming these, but the skiing looks about as good as your going to get on Icey variable, nonrhythmic eastern bumps. Run is [email protected] Here is some icey eastern bump skiing complete with skidding, rounding out turn, when possible, Hop turns down the spine of...
  14. jack97

    Mogul G.O.A.T.

    Among the mogul crowd, JLB is well known..... some excellent points are made in the vid below.
  15. Brice Westring

    Next skis...Black Crows?

    All Looking to get my next all mountain ski. Currently on several year old Nordica Enforcer 98mm underfoot. Love this ski but after 5 years and taking a rock all the way to the core jumping in last Spring, I think it is time to put those as the pre/late season option. I ski 1 week at...
  16. CS2-6

    All Mountain Skis That Are Great In Moguls

    Long-time...first-time... I've posted this question on two other forums, but am looking to get as wide a cross-section of opinions as possible. So I apologize if any of yall have seen a very similar post elsewhere. I looked at all the relevant threads I could find, but didn't come across an...
  17. markojp

    New skiing, old gear :^ )

    Dunno, maybe this should be in the instruction forum.... nah, that'd be a can of worms, but here's Sebastien Michel rippen up the bumps on VR17's... Man o' man, the dude can flatout ski, that's for sure! Damn the side cut, just shut up and slide! ogsmile
  18. F

    mogul skis

    Hi I did a quick search and I've found a couple of threads similar to this but none with the range of skis I'm looking specifically. So anyway, I'm looking for mogul skis but not MOGUL SKIS per se (ie idone, hart, etc) for next season. I'd like to do other stuff on them when I take them out for...
  19. CalG

    Mature bumps!

    New to me, and I like it! The bumps on many of my favorite trails are getting a bit long of tooth. The crests and troughs seem to be getting more extreme each day. I've adopted a "new to me" technique for handling the speed gain associated with long deep troughs that I have not seen in "mogul...
  20. B

    How are olympic moguls made?

    I know moguls on most trails are made by skiers turning. But what about the olympic mogul course and other competition courses? Far too symmetrical and perfectly spaced. Is there a machine? hand-carved? Some sort of grid used? Congrats to Mickael Kingsbury! He is awesome. "Any idiot can...