Doug Briggs

Skiing the powder
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Nov 9, 2015
Breckenridge, CO
I forgot another undocumented event until I saw @surfsnowgirl 's comment about the 6 pack.

I was getting on the old lower lift, an old double, at Tiehack (at Buttermilk) following a SG race. It was spring, the conditions were soft and it had been a long day. I had my 209 SGs on and my tip caught in the ramp. Being so long and the bindings set at about 12, I wasn't able to extract the tip and I didn't want a slow turning fall torquing my knee so I went with it and ended up twisting and falling out of the chair. I had a back protector on so I wasn't too concerned and I wasn't up too high. No harm done.

Except it was spring and the snow was receding and instead of falling on my back in soft, wet snow, I fell into about 2 inches of mud. Fortunately my suit was black so it wasn't badly stained. Fortunately there were spectators. It was probably pretty hilarious to watch.