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  1. B.A.S.I.C.S. Mountain Rescue, What to do

    B.A.S.I.C.S. Mountain Rescue, What to do

    Accidents at the resort are more common than one might think. Do you know what to do if you encounter an injured skier or rider on the slopes? Syd of Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows ski patrol gives a few useful tips and practices to insure the patient is given the best care possible in a timely...
  2. Michael Kane

    7 Stages of Blank

    Watched this on YouTube last night. Holy freholes it was fantastic. One of the best films I have seen in a while. The first segment at Baker was just outstanding.
  3. Dwight

    Return of the turn episode 7

    Thanks @Marcus Caston
  4. 4ster

    2019 Spring edit...

    A season to remember...
  5. Tekweezle

    Some Liquid Image Goggle camera video

    Submitted for your perusal... Some video taken on my Liquid Image goggle camera, fed through the Magisto website. Usually POV video is kind of boring but through this website with some music, its almost entertaining.
  6. Philpug

    Falling...lets see some of your best..and worst falls.

    I believe @Max Capacity took this one of me at Okemo at the bottom of Forrest Bump. I will post more...many more as the thread builds. I will not post pics of others without their written consent...or unless I am into my 3rd glass of :rocks:, which ever comes first.
  7. R

    Beautiful skiing near chamonix
  8. rickg

    Who Needs Snow??

    With global warming, we just might have to learn to ski without snow! Enjoy! Rick G
  9. pack21

    Action Camera Quick Release - project Pack21

    Hello everyone, I would like to share my project that I have in progress, in order to facilitate the use of Action Cameras in skiing. Because I had this idea: - Gloves do not work well with the Action cameras connectors - The Action Cameras stop working after a prolonged exposure to very low...
  10. Dakine

    First try at ski video...

    Finally got around to trying a little ski video. Trying to keep the camera pointed in the right direction with a level horizon is a great drill for practicing upper body separation. The snow was hard and fast and I ended up making slarvy little turns to keep in position. Next time I'll either...
  11. MikeS

    Tips for getting good video for MA

    We are now full into the swing of the ski season in the Northern Hemisphere, which means the number of videos posted for MA (motion analysis) will be exploding over the next few months. However, some videos are better than others for doing motion analysis. So here are some tips to get the best...
  12. Philpug

    TRIUMPH a Tanner Hall Film

    A coming-of-age retrospective into the life of Tanner Hall.
  13. markojp

    Inspiration for old'er- sters

  14. O

    Is my form getting any better ?

    Please feel more than free to comment Snow out west woohoo
  15. Jacques

    I get stoked. Do you? A less than 2 minute stokanator!

    Here's my stoked short. Post yours now too! Skiing ends at Bachelor for the public May 28th. I'll ski the next two Friday's thru Sunday's. Catch me if you can!
  16. dean_spirito

    Best Ski Crash Photos

    We all do it. We try not to, but no matter how skilled of a skier you may be, you are going to take a fall at some point. While some crashes can be painful and serious, most are harmless and rather funny. I've seen spectacularly graceful falls as well as spectacularly awkward falls. Post...
  17. SkiNurse

    Random Ski Videos

    Billy Kidd and Suzy Chaffee ski with the Queen of Iran!