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The ad posted above (and again here) was captured by Dave Peterson in the brand achieves (Thanks Dave!). It was from SKI, Dec. 1973.
I agree it seems like it would be later after the Orange Astral Slalom boot but apparently they overlapped. I honestly don't remember that boot, but I was so happy with mine I probably just didn't notice.
I thought the Flo filled liner was a big step forward, at least for my foot. I had some foam injected Caber's before these. Never found happiness with them...

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I liked the Caber boots of the 1970's the Flo liners in them were better than the foam injured ones but that was true of most of the manufacturers. The foot last of the Caber was wider than other boots of that time but I think that they were a little shorter because my size 10 foot that fit in a size 9 Nordica but would not fit in the size 9 Caber. They did have some great boots, once you got the length correct they were easy to sell.