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    Mar 5, 2017
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    19 Sabre89.png

    Icelantic Sabre 89
    Radius: [email protected]
    Sizes: 164, 174, 184
    Size tested: 184
    Design: New Construction

    Philpug: The 15 mm of taper in the Sabre can really be felt. With its trademark Icelantic dampening and solid feel, the Sabre needs just a bit of ankle roll to come into a turn. The narrower tail lets you decide at the apex: do you want to hold the turn or do you want to release? Well, neither is a bad choice. If you hold through the turn, the Sabre sticks to its namesake and cuts like a knife; if you release, the Sabre turns into a butter knife so you can schmear the turn like cream cheese on a bagel.
    • Who is it for? Those looking for any turn on demand.
    • Who is it not for? Those who like poppy skis.
    • Insider tip: Check the tune; Icelantic sends the ski pretty square out of the box. Also, the three-year warranty is one of the best in the business.

    19 Nomad 105.png
    Icelantic Nomad 105
    Dimensions: 140-105-130
    Radius: [email protected]
    Sizes: 161, 171, 181, 191
    Size tested: 181
    Design: Carryover/NGT

    dean_spirito: While the Nomad 95 has recently stepped up as Icelantic’s park ski, the Nomad 105 gives riders a more versatile all-mountain ski with a distinct park feel. It maintains the same playful, surfy feel of the 95, but has been stiffened up to handle hard charging outside the park. Three layers of 20mm rubber foil are incorporated into the poplar core in order to dampen vibrations without compromising weight. If you’re the type of skier who wants a twin tip that is equally at home in the park as it is in the big mountain, the Nomad 105 might be for you.
    • Who is it for? Park rats looking for a powder ski; upper intermediate to advanced skiers looking for a playful, all-mountain/powder ski.
    • Who is it not for? Those who keep their skis on the snow -- this is a jibby ski.
    • Insider tip: These could make for a great touring setup.

    19 Maiden 91.png
    Icelantic Maiden 91
    Dimensions: 129-91-116
    Radius: [email protected]
    Sizes: 155, 162, 169
    Size tested: 169
    Design: All New

    Tricia: This was the first ski of the day for no other reason than I was skiing with @dean_spirito and he was starting on Icelantic. Being a new model for Icelantic, the Maiden 91 fills a spot on the women’s side of the wall that we’re seeing from more manufacturers. One notable thing about the ski is the burly construction intended to withstand the abuse of rails and big air. Where it lacked in edge hold with a 1°/1° park tune, it excelled in making quick moves and schmearing the tails.
    • Who is it for? Someone looking for an all-mountain ski that will hold up to the test of time.
    • Who is it not for? A finesse skier looking for precise turns.
    • Insider tip: Put a 1°/2° tune on it for more versatility.

    19 Oracle 88.png
    Icelantic Oracle 88
    Radius: [email protected]
    Sizes: 155, 162, 169
    Size tested: 169
    Design: Carryover/NGT

    Tricia: This is not the first time I've been on the Oracle 88. This is the ski I remembered from past experiences, an interesting mix of solid construction and soft snow playfulness. While other skis in this category have a bit of an on-piste bias, the Oracle doesn't pretend to be a groomer ski. It clearly enjoys exploring off piste and park. If I were to buy this ski, I'd change the factory tune, which feels like a 1.5°/2°, to a 1°/2°.
    • Who is it for? The female looking for an off-piste ski.
    • Who is it not for? The woman looking for a damp, precise ski.
    • Insider tip: To get more early-morning groomer fun, don't go with the factory tune.

    19 Oracle 100.png
    Icelantic Oracle 100
    Dimensions: 138-100-120
    Radius: [email protected]
    Sizes: 155, 165, 175
    Size tested: 155
    Design: Carryover/NGT

    SkiNurse: The Oracle 100 is fun, light, and lively. It loves the steep, soft, and chalky, and it is very playful in the trees. It does ok on the groomers but not as well in slabby snow or hard pack.
    • Who is it for? If you are looking for something fun and playful, here it is.
    • Who is it not for? Carvaholics.

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    Dumb question, I don't suppose anyone has skied the Pioneer 109? I have a pair of Pioneer 109 limited ski patrol graphics on pre order and have found scant few reviews of the ski online.
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    Sorry, we didn't have the conditions or time to get on them.

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