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  1. Pugski Test Team

    Comparison Review 2019 Ski Reviews Are In!

    Here are links to all of the reviews we have compiled of the 2019 skis. Full List By brand:
  2. GriffinB

    Individual Review Icelantic Pioneer 96

    Age:15 Height: 5' 5" Weight: 105 Years of Skiing: 12 Years Racing: 6 For more information about me you can go to my profile page, then to the information tab. Sizes (mm): 166, 174, 182 Dimensions (mm) @ 174: 131 - 96 - 118 Turn Radius @ 174 (m): 17 Weight (g): 1676 The Icelantic Pioneer 96...
  3. dean_spirito

    Comparison Review The Dean's List: 2019 Reviews

    Armada Edollo Dimensions: 133-98-123 Radius: [email protected] Sizes: 164, 172, 180 Size tested: 180 Design: All New The 2019 Henrik Harlaut pro model isn’t exactly all new, but a few changes are worth mentioning. The Edollo is still the same 98mm twin tip that we all know and love, but it has been...
  4. everest8850

    Transitioning to shorter skis - shared experience?

    Before my lower leg disabilities, I would ski in lengths of up to 170cm. Recent experiences on skis in the 161-163cm range suggest I should transition to shorter skis to help me with my challenges. I am 5'8" and 155lbs. 2 years ago , i tried some 130cm skis with a 73cm waist and 12m turning...
  5. Pugski Test Team

    2019 Icelantic

    Icelantic Sabre 89 Dimensions:130-89-115 Radius: [email protected] Sizes: 164, 174, 184 Size tested: 184 Design: New Construction Philpug: The 15 mm of taper in the Sabre can really be felt. With its trademark Icelantic dampening and solid feel, the Sabre needs just a bit of ankle roll to come into a...
  6. SBrown

    International (Europe/Japan/NZ/Aus) TR: Heliskiing in Iceland

    Living in Colorado, I am long accustomed to skiing in June. Arapahoe Basin spins its lifts as late as possible, and once it closes, a little bit of hiking gets you turns all summer long. But as fun as late-late-spring skiing can be, it doesn’t always afford either a lot of vert or stellar snow...
  7. SkiNurse

    Comparison Review SkiNurse's Thumbnail Reviews: On Snow at SIA, 2016-17 Skis

    I learned last year at SIA that I prefer skis 155 to 161 cm long and no more than 106 mm wide. Phil and Tricia had certain skis they wanted me to demo, but unfortunately many manufacturers did not bring skis in my size. Atomic Vantage X 95cti Dimensions:130-95-115 Radius: [email protected] Size...
  8. Icelantic Skis

    Icelantic Skis

  9. Icelantic Women's Collection

    Icelantic Women's Collection

  10. dean_spirito

    The Indie Ski Thread

    What are your favorite small, independent, boutique, or custom ski manufacturers?
  11. Philpug

    Yeah, they are THAT good.

    While I was on the lift today I was thinking about thread ideas and this came up. What skis have you been on that either have lived up to their hype and made you think, Day-um, these really are THAT good. Enforcer, skied it today and my lust for it has carried over from last season. Monster 88...