skier safety

  1. M

    Ride Another Day

    I just learned about this remarkable program that started with a You Tube video. I am very glad to hear of, but was not aware of, the emphasis on safety that ski areas have initiated over the past few years. The program focuses on basic skier safety that is related to Speed and Space. I recall...
  2. TheHitman

    Tree Well Safety

    Obviously, the safest thing to do is ski with a partner. But let's face it, partners don't always stay with you. And on some occasions, you may wander into the trees alone. So what kind of safety devices or methods can be taken? Would an airbag backpack be appropriate for inbound skiing...
  3. Carolinacub

    Continuing Ed

    Since we are starting to segue into the off season I'm interested in what continuing education courses everyone is involved in. What's the next step for you in NSP Certifications? For me since I've only been doing this for a few years I'm at the beginning of my extended learning. On Saturday I...
  4. Dwight

    Snow safety documentary

  5. Jack skis

    Tree Skiing!

    Why tree skiing with an exclamation point? Well, here at CBMR there seems to be a dramatic increase in the number of skiers and boarders taking off into the trees. Good for them. The hard part comes when the depart the trees, they can come out any time, any where and often straight out into...