ski tips

  1. vindibona1

    Inside ski- How much pressure? Timing?

    I've been self-sequestered now officially for 2 months and while surfing YouTube came across this video of Reilly McGlashan. It's short, less than 2 minutes. The full discussion will probably have to wait until next year, (but my memory of this video won't last until next week :-0 ), but I...
  2. LiquidFeet

    What to do with ankles as you ski

    Here's a topic for some fun discussion. You can close and open your ankles. This movement tilts the lower leg forward or upright, thus moving the knee fore-aft. You can bend your ankles left and right, laterally. This movement tips the boots/skis onto their edges. You can rotate your feet at...
  3. geepers

    What do you work on first day back for the season?

    This will be us this Sunday. Here's a few suggestions in vids below.... Some basic balance... More technical stuff... What do others work on that 1st day back?
  4. Dan Egan

    Lower the edge angles in the steeps

    Most skiers think that they can slow down by edging more on the steeps, but the opposite is true. A high edge angle at the end of a turn will scoot the ski forward and often cause the skier to become out of balance. Combine this with some tension or stress and a tense downhill leg situation...
  5. Plai

    Ski Drills to start the day

    In another thread, I mentioned that there's a series of drills that I do on the first run of the day. Since that post, I've been asked what my drills were, and the question was answered... but.... I can't be the only one that has a favorite ski routine to warm up. So, what's your favorite...
  6. Andy Mink

    Hacks...or, what makes skiing easier?

    As I get into my 3rd year as a returning skier, many things have changed. Obviously, the skis and boots themselves are a huge step forward in helping me enjoy myself on the slopes. What are your favorite helpful hacks/ideas/processes that make life easier getting to, on, and returning from the...
  7. Fuller

    Tips for dense snow

    It's been a good couple weeks here at Whitefish and I think I'm skiing quite a bit better on the groomed surfaces. Many mornings we've had 4-6" on new snow on top of the groomed and of course that gets chopped up pretty quick. Still it's a lot of fun to navigate the piles and ski the sides of...
  8. Mendieta

    Favorite video(s) for ski instruction?

    Hi There is nothing like a good instructor. But for different reasons, it's nice to supplement that with other sources of learning. This forum is an example. But I wonder what folks like to either use or recommend. I really like the series of videos by Elate Media on Youtube - They are good...