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  1. Guy in Shorts

    New England Killington 2018-19

    Guy In Shorts Oct 13 Killington Report Cold moisture falling from the sky was painting the mountain peaks a lovely white. Total of three inches of winter were measured at the stake. Mountain Bikers were the only official ones to get first tracks but I do know of couple friends that snuck in a...
  2. PisteOff

    Killington World Cup Thanksgiving Weekend 2018

    The FIS Women's World Cup is coming back to Killington for it's third iteration this coming November. It just get better every year. Women's GS and SL on Superstar. @ChunderBlunder and myself will be there again this year. I've already booked our lodging. If you intend to go you may want to...
  3. SKI-3PO

    New England Killington closed

    Killington has apparently decided to close today because of cold weather. That seems excessive for a winter sports resort. I’m sure glad I didn’t make the trip there this weekend.
  4. coskigirl

    Mountain Collective Survey

    I just completed a survey from MCP and found a couple of questions intriguing. (I changed the below rankings before submitting as I had second thoughts.)
  5. john petersen

    Any Instructors going to Masters Academy/ProJam?

    JP here.....I will be at PSIA/AASI's Masters Academy/Pro Jam at Killington (11-15 dec) and was wondering if anybody else will be there. I do know of one other (ykwya) so far........ Its an awesome event and my first time going in more than 20 years thinking about it!....(timing, expense...
  6. Rudi Riet

    COVERAGE: 2017 Killington Women's World Cup

    Reporting from the Media Center, where I'm surrounded by Agence France Press journalists.... The GS course is set for tomorrow, and hill prep crews are working their magic. Most athletes have called it a day, though some are still banging the gates on Skye Lark. A couple of pics for y'all to...
  7. DavidSkis

    Tackling a specific bump line

    You're on your level 3 exam at the top of Superstar at Killington. (Pic stolen from Guy In Shorts - I love how there's a dude sideways on the right) You MUST turn using the blobby rectangle-shaped "bump" because it's in your path. You cannot ride down the left side, as that takes you out of...
  8. LKLA

    Mount Snow

    Mount Snow will have 14 trails open this weekend - more than any other resort in the East. Planned terrain for opening day includes top-to-bottom skiing on: Cascade Canyon Free Fall Long John Additional trails planned for Saturday include: Deer Run River Run Little John Launch Pad More...
  9. Guy in Shorts

    New England Killington

    Snowmaking was going on the North Ridge extending down to within 100 ft of the base of the North Ridge Triple as of 2:30 this afternoon. We are locked and loaded ready for the starting gun. .
  10. Dwight

    The race is on, first to open...

    Loveland has started making snow. Meanwhile, 90 degress this last weekend in the upper Midwest
  11. Read Blinn

    New England 2017-2018 Northeast Thread

    I'm tagging this New England but naming it Northeast. It's been cold these late days in August, down to the fifties this morning, and I saw a picture of Tony S in a parka over in Maine yesterday afternoon. The night before last I wanted a woolly blanket; last night I had one. My wife even...
  12. Read Blinn

    2016-17 New England Demo Days

    Demo Events — Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont I compiled a list last season that included most of the following resorts. Some haven't announced demo days yet. I'll update this list as I get more information. Here's what I've got so far. PM me with information you don't see here, and I'll edit it...