Sponsored SkiEssentials.com and K2 Skis Online Season Lease Program



Slashing Turns and Prices
Pugski Sponsor
Nov 13, 2015
We're excited to announce our new Online Season Lease Program partnered with K2! Over the past year, we've realized a lot of people across the country don't have access to a quality ski shop, and more specifically, a quality Season Lease program. Through our Top 5 Fridays News articles and videos, a discussion was also started to brainstorm ways to introduce the sport of skiing to new people. Kids love skiing, but only a small percentage of kids across the country have access to proper equipment, which can make or break early skiing experiences. We've partnered with K2 Skis to provide brand new, high quality equipment at an affordable price. All the gear is setup prior to shipping, including safety checks and binding settings, making it as easy and efficient as possible to get on snow this year. Follow the link below to learn more!

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