Race Plates: Noticable Differences?

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  1. hbear

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    Aug 17, 2016
    I might regret going down this rabbit hole....

    Is there any thought and consensus to the differences between race plates and how they function? Is there even any?
    E.g. Marker Piston, vs. Freeflex, vs. R22 vs. Salomon Plate
    In addition is there a preferred racer type that benefits best from the various plates? Or a skier skill/weight to determine between 10MM piston vs. 14mm, or when to move from R21 to R22 plate, etc. When to move from jr. to adult plate?

    I believe Marker has a few different settings (soft SL, hard SL, GS....does it really make much difference?) and the Solly allows for fore/aft adjustment on the fly. Freeflex needs to be drilled, while the others I believe are pre-drilled.

    The reason I ask is usually we are stuck with the plate/binding setup the OEM uses (e.g. if you race Rossi, rossi plate and look binder....Blizzard means Marker plate/binder, etc.) However given we are seriously looking at Stockli skis we have the option of the Solly plate/binding or ordering flat and putting whatever we want on.....so lots of options but not always a good thing for a gear head.

    Or should I go on the "they are all good, choose what binder you like and forget about it!"
  2. oldschoolskier

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    Dec 6, 2015
    Ontario Canada
    Paging @ScotsSkier to the thread.

    If anyone knows this answer along with answering in a fair manner it’s SS.

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