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Looking for some advice from the braintrust here. Currently using older E84 and have decided to replace with 2 skis. One will be a skinnier ski for really working on technique and having fun in firm conditions. I tried a friend’s Head SS Magnum and loved it. Loved how easy they are to get on edge, the sure feeling underfoot and the energy I get from them from turn to turn. Plus, the better I get, the more I’m enjoying them and the more I spend time on skis like this the better I feel like I’m getting. I’m looking for advice for the second ski.

I’m thinking of this second ski as a one ski quiver for when I have no idea what the conditions will be and variable conditions when the skinnier ski isn’t ideal. I’d say front-side biased. 60% groomed, 40% ungroomed / off-piste. I’d like it to be able to handle hard pack as well as softer conditions (except for powder in which case I will just rent). 5’8”, 135-145#. Improving intermediate hoping to get “good” fast. I’m thinking 80-90’ish underfoot. Prefer smaller turning radius 15-18’ish so would rule out something like the Kendo which might be too stiff anyways. Have to be able to use for skiing with slower friends as well as keeping up with faster ones. Would use on west coast and east. Could use the E84 for this purpose but don’t love the edge hold on harder pack conditions and I find the tip hooky in chopped up conditions. I know there are instructors and really advanced skiers that enjoy this ski but I just don’t. I’ve tried another friend’s Kore 93 (162) and found it dead feeling and didn’t love that. I don’t know if it’s the construction or just that they are too stiff. The magnums are stiff but I don’t get that feeling. The Kore 93’s just didn’t have the surefootedness and energy that I like from the Magnum. I’m also not sure I felt that they were SO light compared to the Magnum or older E84. From everything I’d read they seemed like the unicorn ski but they weren’t. My research turned up the following possibilities:

- Enforcer 93 - also another possible unicorn ski … Will the metal in this give me the surefooted feeling I like? Will it be too much ski? Review on blistergear seems to say this is significantly softer than the K93 and everyone seems to think these are accessible skis.

- Navigator 80/85 - seems like the N80 gets rave reviews everywhere. However, will this be too much like the E84 I’m replacing?

- E84/88 (2019) – are these worth waiting for?

- What else?

Obviously would like to be able to take advantage of end of season sales but wouldn’t force a buy if it’s not the right ski. Having said that, pricey boutique skis are also out...

Thanks in advance!


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Magnum or Rally for your 'tech' ski, and maybe a Navigator 90 for your all mountain.

At your size, a Kastle FX 95 or 95 HP could be good. If you were going to 98, the Armada Tracer is a lovely ski.


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Skis that come to mind, Armada Invictus 89Ti and 95, playful skis that will do what you are asking. The Dynastar Legend X 88 and 96 are two other options too. The Nav's are nothing like the current E84 and the upcoming Experiences are really nice too but the 88 might be a bit much for your lighter frame especially with so many value options available right now.
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Booting up
@markojp @Philpug. Thanks for your suggestions.
  • Re: Enforcer 93. Noticed that neither of you mentioned the Enforcer 93 from my initial post. Is that just a bad idea for my situation?
  • Re: Navigator 90 vs. Enforcer 93. How should I think about the differences here? Is the N90 going to be more accessible and yet better on-piste with the tail?
  • Curious what my feedback on the Kore 93 and Head Magnum say about how I might want to think about skis. Should I go less stiff? Should I seek some metal in the construction? Does it mean I should stay narrower (e.g., closer to 85) even while seeking all-mtn? Alternatively was the K93 a bad test because it was short (162)? Magnum was 163.
  • Another option: I realized I forgot to include the Pinnacle 88/95 in my original list. Would either of these be appropriate?
  • On pricing: I'm thinking of this as a ski for the next 3-5 years, so while I'd like to save on cost don't want to be limited to value skis.
Thoughts from you two (or others) highly welcome. Thanks!
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