2021 Dynastar Speedzone 4x4 82 Pro

Pugski Test Team

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Pugski Ski Tester
Mar 5, 2017
Philpug: I have loved the Speed Zone construction since it was introduced a few years ago. The rubber dampening between the sidewall and core really does keep the ski smooth on the snow. Speaking of the on-snow feel, that was tough with this ski. I have not been on too many skis of late that have this much pop. The 4x4 has more camber than I can recall on any ski in recent memory, and that camber gives a solid connection to the snow. When it is on, it really wants to launch across the hill. If camber is king, this ski is the king of kings.

Insider tip: I would hate to meet the guy in a dark alley who needs the 185.​

Andy Mink: I think I know why this is called the 4x4. There is so much camber you could slide a 4x4 between the skis! Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but there truly is a lot of camber on these skis. What does that mean for you? You have to drive the ski. It doesn’t take well to smeary turns or half-hearted attempts to slide around. It holds an edge like a pit bull holds a steak. And when it lets go, it pops. There is a lot of energy stored in all that camber. Both skis need to be pressured in the turn or the inside ski will catch and bounce until the whole ski is pressed to the snow. This is ski that demands you pay attention to what’s going on.

The 4x4 is excellent on the groomers and has plenty of spine to blow through piles, but don’t confuse it with a bump or powder ski. It has a bit of early rise and can handle some bumps, but it wouldn’t be my first choice as high-use bump ski. Like any ski, it can be pressed into that service, but that isn't its job. Its job is to trench hard pack, and it does that very well.

Insider tip: Keep even pressure on both skis to avoid inside ski deflection.​
Review updated from 2020
Who is it for?
Strong skiers who like digging up hard pack; those who like an energetic ski.
Who is it not for?
Slow skiers; the 4x4 wants to scoot.
Skier ability
Ski category
Frontside, All Mountain
Ski attributes
Men, Women


Available sizes
164, 171, 179, 185
Rocker profile
Full camber
Construction design
New graphics only
Binding options
right ad


mtn rep for the gear on my feet
Industry Insider
Nov 12, 2015
I'm probably an outlier, but I thought these were great fun in bumps and absolutely rip piste.