2020 K2 Mindbender 99Ti

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Mar 5, 2017
Andy Mink: Talk about a shot across the bow: K2 is back! The entire Mindbender series is receiving rave reviews, and it should. Don’t confuse the MB lineup with any other ski in past K2 lineups. It’s all new, from the Y-beam torsion construction (most models) to the shape itself. The MB 99TI is a ski that will eat up pretty much any terrain you can throw at it. It feels narrower than it is as its shape pulls it into turns in crud, groomers, or powder. It is quick in the soft bumps we encountered, making them easy to ski. This is not a ski that you ride; you have to be part of the process. It wants input and takes it well.

While the 99 is not a powder ski per se, it does do well in lighter stuff that isn’t too deep. On soft groomers it will dig deep if pushed hard. Trenches are fun. Trenches that become tunnels are not so fun. This is a serious ski that will put up with some miscalculations but it can spank you if you’re not paying attention.

Insider tip: The Y-Beam construction is available in the mid-range of the collection, both men’s and women’s. The widest and narrowest have a slightly different construction. Both the MB series and MB Alliance series for women have six widths to cover your needs.​

Philpug: See my initial Sneak Peek and Long-Term Review HERE.
Who is it for?
The all-mountain skier who wants to work a ski in all conditions.
Who is it not for?
Skiers who prefer a more relaxed ride should try it but be prepared to look elsewhere.
Skier ability
Advanced, Expert
Ski category
All Mountain, Powder
Ski attributes
Groomers, Moguls, Off Piste, Trees


Available sizes
170, 177, 184, 191
Rocker profile
Camber with tip and tail rocker
Construction design
All new
Binding options

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