new england skiing

  1. KevinF

    2019 New England Gathering trip report

    Preview of coming attractions:
  2. M

    Christmas Skiing

    Historically, I usually try to avoid ski trips during Christmas because of work, crowds, and uncertain weather. I will admit it, I usually get one ski trip a year, so I try to schedule mid February to avoid crowds, get an idea where snow is good. Skiing is expensive, and I want things to be...
  3. Tony S

    Latest on Saddleback Sale and Reopening
  4. Bill Talbot

    Local Hill Appreciation Thread

    So my local ant hill, with 625 vert. feet of madness got themselves a PistenBully 600 added to their 'fleet' of groomers for this coming season. They groom the 'entire' hill at the beginning of the night session (6-10pm) to generally bring some pretty nice conditions to relax after work. I might...
  5. Read Blinn

    New England 2017-2018 Northeast Thread

    I'm tagging this New England but naming it Northeast. It's been cold these late days in August, down to the fifties this morning, and I saw a picture of Tony S in a parka over in Maine yesterday afternoon. The night before last I wanted a woolly blanket; last night I had one. My wife even...