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I saw them at SIA either last year or the year before, they had a smaller booth over by Nordica & Tecnica. I do recall seeing a few fitters stopping by to check them out. I kinda remember glancing at them and thinking they were a bit...raw. Looking at the site, it looks like the smallest shell available is a 26.0.


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The radial closure seems gimmicky and prone to failure. And it seems like it would be reducing the width along with the height of the boot simultaneously. For those with a wide, but very, very low foot/instep (like me) you could get it squeezing your foot before you secure the instep.

But the one thing they are doing that is interesting to me is the bootboard.

"The Zay boot board is designed in a way that allows the big toe area to articulate or drop down. We added a 3mm foam strip on the inside of the foot (medial) and runs the full length of the boot board. As the skier initiates a turn, the foam compresses and allows the ball of the foot to naturally drop, providing increased sensitivity and control"

That is something I think I'd like to test drive. As a person with a hypermobile ankle, I think I could get better control and comfort out of this. Or not. Like I said, it seems worth trying out and I could even custom make something approximating this . . .

Oh, and their cuff alignment allows up to 2 degrees. Most I think only allow up to 1.5 . . . and I need about 1.8 on my right boot . . .


Why oh why does that footboard remind me of the Bode's-boot:super-tight-but-check-out-the-ankle-pocket controversy?

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The Zay boot first appeared on the market as the Ospra X1 in the mid 1980s

The boot board ramp angle of 6.2 degrees is pretty high, presumably this is because of the radial closure mechanism

I doesn’t seem to be injection moulded (I doubt that there are any ski boot injection moulding machines in the US).

Looking at this photo it appears that it might be made from polyurethane casting resin, like the first Lange boots were.