Your favorite skiing photo? 2018-2019 season


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Aug 17, 2016
SF Bay Area, CA, USA
As we approach a new season, I feel like I need some positive vibes. 'cause I'm dying in here! So, I thought I would propose that we share our favorite picture from last season. Please join me and share yours! If nothing else, you'll be reviewing photos of snowier times, and that's always time well spent :D

The best picture (IMHO) will receive the coveted Mendieta award: a beer or glass of wine of your choice, whenever we cross paths. :pug:

I am excluded from the prize selection since drinking alone is for losers. I know well, I do it all the time :roflmao:.

Here goes mine:


This one is at Mt Rose. In one of the nice gladed areas on the Slide side. I chose this one because just seeing it me makes me happy, more than any of the pictures I found. It was a blue bird day in-between storms, and everything looked gorgeous around. Just being there was glorious.

So, without further ado, I say ... BRING IT!

Doug Briggs

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Nov 9, 2015
Breckenridge, CO
As a Jazz junkie I would go for the cats. But you really need to make your choice to be considered. I have to say, @dbostedo is holding the league at the moment :D
I choose crazy cats, too. @dbostedo 's is a winner in my book. Great shot!

@BC. that was a fun day. A fine spring day. The top picture of my first post was the next day in Wonderland.