Which SL ski: RC4 WC SC Curv Booster or RC4 Worldcup SL Curv Booster


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Hi everyone, i am in need of your help and clarification of the practical differences between the above mentioned Fischer skis, the SL FIS and non-FIS takedown SC version.
I am already well aware that FIS ski is full race ski - the real World Cup deal, and SC the takedown version but i would greatly appreciate if you as experts could help me to determine which one is better for me and my needs.

I will describe my skill in short.
Male, 34yrs, 6.2ft, 210lbs. Advanced level skier, skiing red/black slopes on Atomic GS9 M - 160cm (14m radi, race takedown model like Fischer SC), and off piste blacks or whatever pow i find on Nordica Enforcer 100 - 185cm.

Since those Atomic GS9 are very very very old (did i said ancient?:) ) and too short for my w/h, for this season i have decided to buy a good SL ski to charge groomers and frontside.

The transition from GS to SL is due to my affection for short turns. The race ski because i want to improve as a skier and i like to charge fast. The length i consider appropriate for SC is 170cm - correct me if i am wrong, and for SL 165cm.

To sum up - Since i am not an expert skier, and i still need some work on my technique, would the FIS version as full race model would be too aggressive, non-forgiving and demanding for me and on the other hand do you consider SC iteration as too soft, recreational and touristy.

To conclude - I need the ski which is lively and have strong edge grip, stability while skiing fast and angled, but to be able to forgive an occasional mistake now and than, while allowing me to progress from advanced to expert level and enjoying the process.

If anyone want to recommend some other model from different manufacturer that see more fit for my needs, please feel free :)

Thank you for your time and support,
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Get the FIS SL skis. You’re young and fit and want a ski that can take your skiing to a higher level. Such a ski doesn’t forgive your mistakes, it points them out to you. Which is what you actually need!


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Fis ski.
It’s not what they use on the Wcup. If the tail is stamped on top 201, or 2081, I forget, it’s much closer to the wcup ski. Like here, but that’s not the beefy ski:

Btw, this particular FIS ski is quite soft. It’s a 54 flex. Too soft for you prob.

With the Fischer there’s the drawback of the hole in the tip. So it’s not as good for free skiing as snow shots through. Spring is especially interesting at speed.

You could consider Augment as you can pick your flex. Unless you’re getting a good deal on the ski, it’s prob the same or less.

But if I was going to pay a lot for an Fis slalom, I’d prob go for Stockli. Mainly because they, or at least the one I saw, have normal width edges. Fis skis have stupidly narrow edges usually. (Even Augment) Which means they don’t last. So I’d at least check out the Stockli’s current edges.
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I ski the 165 SC's at 5'6' and 165 pounds.
Love them!
At your weight and age I think you are ready for the SL's.
I have skied the SL's and they aren't radically different from the SC's but at my weight they will kick my ass if I get lazy.
The SC's are great real world cruisers when it is too crowded to make GS skis work.


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A little late, but for those considering asking the same question.

FIS and race room skis are generally more predictable in performance. What this means how they respond to input is very consistent along with the energy return coming out of the turn. Non race and cheater race skis (while they may be good) are not as refined and there is a noticeable difference (this is very true for SL skis, GS race skis can hide this as they require more input and unless you are used to that may overshadow the predictability and performance gains).

If you get a chance ski both and you’ll understand, just don’t blame me if you find yourself adding a FIS SL ski to your quiver.