For Sale Truckload of Junior Skis, mostly race skis

Discussion in 'Phil's Garage Sale and Ski Swap' started by Comish, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. Comish

    Comish Putting on skis Skier

    Mar 2, 2016
    I have a truck load of kids race skis to unload. Some new in the plastic and some used. I will list them here, can take pictures of the used stuff this weekend in Mammoth, but all the Nordica / Blizzard stuff is in Excellent shape. From what I have been told all the Nordica/Blizzard stuff is identical, just different top sheets. If there are 2 of a size 1 pair were racers and the other trainers (first price trainers, 2nd racers if 2 prices), but with all the snow last year in Mammoth, it's all in good shape. None of the Blizzard/Nordica's were used more than 1 year. All tuned (3deg) w/ razor tune, none have been ground so practically new in terms of bases and being in CA, very little edge used.

    New: All in plastic
    '16 Blizzard GS 156cm x2 $175
    '16 Nórdica GS 142cm, $175
    Nordica SL 143 x2 $150
    Nordica GS 135 $130

    Used Nordica/Blizzards:
    '15 Nordica SL 136 x 2, w 10 din ($200/$250)
    '16 Blizzard GS 149 x 2, w 10 din ($200/$250)
    Nordica GS 163 x2, 1 w/din 10 $250 , 1w/din12 $275, 12 din pair used 2 runs, the other maybe 5 runs. SG got snowed out last year [​IMG]
    '16 Blizzard GS 142 w marker comp 10 $200

    Other Used skis:
    4frnt Grom 127 w Rossi din 4.5 bindings ??
    Rossi Hero dual event ski, 120cm, w rosi bindings, $100 (used 2 to 3 years, could benefit from a grind)
    Rossi cap 130, rossi 4.5 bindings, Free pass on from Mike, bases have slightest bubbles from binding screws, skis are super soft. (shipping and some libations would be sweet)
    Dynastar course, 130cm, rossi 4.5 bindings, $75 (used 3ish years, need a grind)

    Open to offers, package deals for multiple skis, all + shipping.
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  2. Thread Starter

    Comish Putting on skis Skier

    Mar 2, 2016
    Thought I would bump this as we get closer to the new season. All still for sale, some are in Mammoth at the moment, so not with me. I think I have all the new one's and a couple of the used ones here.

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