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Nov 1, 2015
Since Outdoor Retailer pulled up stakes from Utah after the controversy surrounding public land issues, and then OR taking over SIA, moving all summer and winter OR events to Denver, costs have gone up and many people in the industry are struggling to sort out their budgets. I know the budget for us to attend OR and On Snow for testing with the crew has more than quadrupled since we started doing this as we go into our 5th show as
Meanwhile Interbike was cancelled for 2019 after moving from Las Vegas to Reno for only one year, in 2018.

All of these moving pieces seem to be placing OR at the top of the very pricy pyramid of industry shows.

But wait! There's more!
A new kid in town has shown up and seems to be poised to add a new element and give people in the industry (outdoor, bike and ski) a choice.
The Big Gear Snow.png
The Big Gear Show will be launching this summer in Utah with a promise to get back to grass roots of outdoor activities.

From their website:
The outdoors has become mainstream. Mass markets love our plaid, our fleece, our sandals. The outdoor lifestyle is a way of life for tens of millions of people. But our industry is at a crossroads. Big boxes are failing our brands. Amazon is suffocating our local gear shops. The big are getting bigger. And private equity and Wall Street investors are threatening the soul of our industry.

The Big Gear Show is a show for the rest of us - the innovators, the start-ups, the domestic manufacturers, and the local gear shops where the staff walk the talk, bringing in novices and sending out enthusiasts. By saving our exhibitors over 50% in exhibition fees, our pricing structure keeps money in the pockets of gear companies, who simply don’t have the margins to afford expensive trade shows.

@Philpug and I plan to be there to give you the scoop on what's happening on this end of the industry and hope to bring our Utah test team.
Look for it July 2020!
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