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Nov 14, 2015
Old saddle got too torn up and had to be replaced. It was a rebranded WTB Volt and I was happy with it from a comfort perspective. This particular incarnation was a bit cheesy in the construction department - not at all protected from the typical rear-corner damage. Decided to try something different.

I now have a half dozen rides or more on my new SQlab 611. I got the 113mm version, which is the second-narrowest of four. Made this choice based on their written guidance WRT sit-bone width. Theoretically I could have gone with the narrowest, but glad I didn't, as this one is, if anything, not quite wide enough. As a database programmer, I have not gotten past my cognitive confusion whenever I read the name of this company, but that's my problem.

The mfr. pushes "Active" versions of this saddle with an elastomer widget that's supposed to absorb vibration and increase comfort. Reviews are good, but it makes the thing 50% heavier and 50% more expensive, so I passed.

Anyway, this is a really nice saddle. In particular, the back half is extremely well designed, at least for my butt. The rear third is a raised plateau, which seems to keep pressure off everything but the sit bones, as long as you're positioned fully back on the seat. The hollow in the mid section only enhances this welcome quality.

The front part is quite square, both in cross section and from the top view. What's nice about it is that you do have a wider support platform than normal, even when you're out on the rivet. It works okay for me, but if I had to re-design it I think I would keep the nice width but round out the cross section just a bit to make it conform to that part of the anatomy better. As it is I feel the left and right edges of the nose more than I'd prefer.

Overall I'd give this a grade of A-. Definitely recommended.

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Nov 8, 2015
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interesting design! Although my sit bones are 105 wide, I found the most comfortable and efficient saddle for me (at RETUL Fitting) was a 143. I think the +10mm thing on sit bones is not all that accurate but you need to look at the overall shape and how the saddle tapers off on the sides. I like the shape of that saddle. it looks comfy and easy to move around on, Thanks!
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