Gear Replace Fischer Hannibal 100 with Transalp 88?

Discussion in 'Backcountry' started by nemesis256, May 18, 2017.

  1. nemesis256

    nemesis256 Patrick Skier

    Apr 25, 2017
    North Conway, NH
    Ski the white mountains of NH, 5'7" 130lbs male.

    I've only been touring with my Hannibals (170 length) one season with Marker F10 Tour bindings, and next fall I want to change to tech bindings. That change is also making me think about changing the skis. I mostly tour when we get a smallish amount of fresh snow, so 100 underfoot is way overkill. The turn radius of the Hannibals is rather large (23m at 177 length) so that's another reason I would want to replace them. Final reason is to save a few more grams of weight.

    So my question is, how differently do these ski? I want something more nimble and quicker turning, but how much will that sacrifice choppy snow? The conditions I ski in are sometimes firm as well. The Transalp doesn't have carbon stringers, will I notice?
  2. Mothertucker

    Mothertucker Sweep Dodger Skier

    Jul 6, 2016
    Desolation Row
    Although I can't comment on the Transalp specifically, I think you're on the right t track. I believe a bit narrower ski is more realistic for the conditions usually encountered. Do you currrently own boots with tech fittings? It is definitely the way to go for true touring, lots of good binding options out there now.
  3. karlo

    karlo Out on the slopes Skier

    May 11, 2017
    Although they are not sold in NA, consider the Ranger 84, available in the EU. Most shops on the continent don't export, but shops in the UK do.

    I skied them as rentals last summer, offpiste, in powder, wind affected, and ice. (It was like mortar rounds going off on either side of me, throwing up ice or snow) They were terrific, short, medium, long turns. No metal mind you, so they chatter at speed on ice. Very light. All-in-all, for touring, great.

    Bought them from a UK shop along with other gear for me, my friend, and my daughter. 55 £ to ship four pairs of skis and three bindings, the same had it been one pair of skis. I got a great deal. Two seasons old, but new, and the £ crashed after our election.

    I put the Fischer (Tyrolia) touring bindings on, for the flexibility to use either my touring boots or my alpine boots. However, you want pin bindings, the Marker Kingpins would be terrific.

    Skied them this season in-resort. Great on ice, packed, shallow powder but, again, not at bomber speeds. On the last weekend of April in Vermont, hated them in slushy bumps or piles. Tips get lifted. Switched into my stiff two metal-layer ski and had more fun.

    That said, the Transalp, on paper, seems pretty similar, but with bells & whistles. So maybe the above can be taken as its affirmation. However, I do have to say, I demo'd the Ranger 90 Ti this season and hated it. Felt really swingy. Not sure if it was the tip shape, the rocker, the Aeroshape.

    As you are seeking to do, I went with the Ranger 84 for Eastern touring, which I had no opportunity to do, on account of its narrower waist. No point going wider and carrying the extra weight.

    Demo the Transalp.
  4. everest8850

    everest8850 cruising along Skier

    May 6, 2018
    I am about 155lbs, and have a pair of 163cm Transalp 88s with Dynafit Superlite 2.0 bindings and they are very very light on the feet, but surprisingly have a relatively stiffer flex. They seem like the right fit for places with firmer snow. They have a nice gradual rocker on the front.

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