Living the Dream
Denver, CO
In Bellavista, Santiago, Chile in a public bathroom.

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Jajajaja. Bad translation but makes for a funny pic!

They wanted to say "Shitter (or shelter dunno which they meant) has a roll in it" ??? jajaja

Straight translation "There is (toilet) paper (or bath tissue) in the stalls (or stalls or water closets or bathrooms)


Getting on the lift
Big Sky.png

Overseas right now and have been checking out the Big Sky webcams. The moon was full recently and on a clear night and the webcam caught a really pretty image with Lone Mountain and the surrounding landscape lit up with moonlight. It hit me that with the light reflection coming from wherever the cam was located helped to create an image somewhat like the Big Sky logo.

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Another natural moonlight shot. Nat and I took a trip out West last year. On the road from mid-August to late November. This was taken out at Horse hoof campground out in Canyonlands NP. This night was probably the most beautiful night I spent out in nature. First part of the evening was moonless, completely cloudless, about 70 degrees and no wind. The Milky Way was spectacular. Went to bed and woke up about 4am and was presented with a landscape lit up with moonlight.