Opinions on the Dynastar Mythic 97 Pro as an in bounds all mountain ski


AKA Rob Davis
Nov 13, 2015
Lost in the woods
This season I upgraded my 2 ski quiver. First I bought the Head iTitan for my east coast carver. I got a good deal from the shop that had them set up to demo. I love them skiing the conditions often encounter here in the tropics (western PA). In another thread, Phil asked something like what is your Steadfast or what is the new Steadfast. Well, my wider ski has been the Steadfast for several years now. They have been beaten to crap skiing the slush, mud, and rocks that passes as powder around here. With the Jackson Gathering coming up and plans for Utah later this season, I was looking for a wider ski. Problem with demoing a western oriented ski here in the banana belt is you guessed it, no conditions available to really test the ski and usually a few runs or even a full day never seem to reveal their true character to me. So I did what I usually do. I read about different skis here and elsewhere and took an educated guess as to what ski might be for me then off to my trusted local shop (Peak Ski and Board, Gibsonia) to ask opinions and see what they have available. I was thinking the Mantra M5, which I demoed last year and loved them on the hardpack or the 102, the Kore 93, the Enforcer 98 or 100, the Rustler 9 or 10. Jim Jacobs, shop owner, told me during an earlier visit that he got a good deal on some Mythics that will be in soon so I looked for a review here but nada. Turns out this is meant as a backcountry touring ski but the reviews were all good.

I arrived at the shop today and after consideration, the Mythic 97 Pro seemed to check all the boxes especially weight wise. Although not super light by touring standards they are feathers compared to most Alpine skis. I am an advance senior skier that sucks a near high level, age 65. Back when I was playing at becoming a ski instructor a coach at one of the Epic ETU eastern tune-ups at Stowe pegged me at Level 8 but that was maybe what, 10 years ago? I weigh 195 am 5'10''. I bought a 184. I ski the Titan in a 177. Anyone have opinions to share?