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[Originally posted in "ain't gonna..." series, but since this is my cocktail thing, decided it needed its own thread.]

To no one's surprise, the quest for the perfect Negroni continues, only modestly abated, at my house. This stuff is ridiculously subjective. I know that, so take my prescriptions with a grain of salt. Following are my two breakthroughs for 2019. Negroni-loving Pugs, I want your feedback!

  1. Vermut, Casa Mariol. A bartender at now-sadly-defunct Spanish restaurant Lolita turned me on to this. It's become far and away my favorite sweet vermouth. Lots going on - very nuanced, very long, very balanced. Not crazy-sweet. On the brown side of red. The intentionally ugly packaging does not tell the story.
  2. Gin. This is my dirty little secret: Use a low-profile gin. Don't spend a lot. There are so many flavors in a Negroni - you don't want a hammerhead of a gin getting all in your face. Instead you want something that will get along. Think of whom you want on your team at work. So the go-to gin for me, for Negronis, has become Prairie Gin. The fact that it's organic makes the S.O. happy, too. Believe me, you don't want to use this for a Martini or whatever; it's too boring. But for a Negroni? Perfectamundo. (Okay, full disclosure, I'll take a Botanist Negroni too. But it's, like, double the price. Feh.)

To wit, the recipe:
3 parts Prairie Organic Gin
3 parts Campari
2 parts Casa Mariol Vermut
1 part Punta Mes
not booze
1 blood orange slice

Mix the booze in a sparkling-clean Old Fashioned glass.
Fill glass with ice and stir thoroughly.
Garnish with orange slice.
Allow to rest 5 minutes.
Serve after dinner like the yolk of a Faberge egg.



Getting off the lift
will have to try your recipe
your right about costs of expensive gins in a mixed drink but I find the various gins we use also add a bit of depth to flavour and mix well with other good martinis
Try Cinzano occasionally (our go to house plunk for vermouth) if you like a more tart taste.
A fresh lime rather than the usual orange also makes a nice change up.
however after dinner, rather than before, is not happening here.


My first Negroni was made with Aperol and Carpano Antiqua. My son ordered it, hated it, and traded with me. I have not explored the possibilities like you, but these have become a favorite drink in our house!