Mtn Biking at Round Valley, UT, 15 July 2020

Jim Kenney

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Nov 27, 2015
I've been borrowing my son's mtn bike the last few months and biking all around the Salt Lake Valley, usually sticking to asphalt multi-use paths or roadways. Today, 15 July 2020, I finally used it for some honest to God mountain biking trails. I went to the Round Valley (RV) mountain biking trail complex located between the eastern edge of Park City and US-40. It's renowned in the area as a good place for beginner mountain bikers - like me. The temps this morning were in the low 70s, very nice. The RV terrain is sagebrush and oak at an altitude of ~6800 feet. There are over 35 named trails in the area. I spent almost two hours wandering around the area and really enjoyed it.

I started from the parking lot to the right. In the background is the Park City Ice Arena. Just out of view to the right is the Park City Hospital. The first place I headed was to the summit of the hill in background. It doesn't look like much of a climb in this photo, but it might have had a 250' vertical to get up there via the Somewhere Elks trail. It was a nice little challenge for a newbie like me.
15 july RV ice arena.jpg

I had done some limited snowshoeing in this area in the past, but I covered a lot more ground today on bike and was glad for the numerous and informative trail markings/maps. This was my first visit to RV for biking.
15 july RV sign.jpg

Here is a panoramic photo from the summit of the hill in the first photo above. Click and it will enlarge. The ski trails of Deer Valley are at the far left. The Park City base is towards the center, the Canyons base is to the right. You are looking at a total of about 9,300 lift served skiable acres!!!
15 july RV DV PC pano.jpg

Fellow bikers on the Rambler trail.
15 july RV biker.jpg

This photo is for @Tricia . We both have a pet peeve about folks who leave full doggie bags on the side of the trail for pick-up by a poop fairy that never comes. Notice this trail is like a wide blvd here.
15 july RV dog sign.jpg

The Round Valley trail network goes for several miles in every direction. It's really a nice combo of single and double track trails for all skill levels (mostly beg-int).
15 july RV dbl sgl trk.jpg

Here's a close up of the Park City base area from RV.
15 july RV PC close up better.jpg

Nice easy double track with views of Deer Valley ski terrain in far background, left and right.
15 july RV bike and DV.jpg

This might be one of my last Utah bike rides of the summer as I plan to drive back to my primary residence in the Wash DC area in a few days. Utah's been great during my five and a half month stay! 2020 has been a tough year for America and the world, but I'm really glad I got to spend the Covid Pause out here.
15 july RV bike handle.jpg
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