Individual Review Long term Kulkea Powder Trekker bag (update)

Discussion in 'Gear Reviews and Comparisons' started by Andy Mink, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. Andy Mink

    Andy Mink I am a half fast skier. Moderator Pugski Ski Tester

    Nov 12, 2015
    This is an update to the original first look located here.

    With the 18-19 season fast approaching (though not fast enough!), some folks are in the market for new gear. Will that search include boot bags? If so, read on!

    The last update I gave on this bag was at 20 days. By the end of last season it had almost 80 days of use. This included getting put in and pulled out of several different cars and trucks, a week long trip to Utah for the gathering, and two days coming and going at Mammoth Mountain. And, what can I say? The @KULKEA Powder Trekker bag is great! It shows very few signs of wear; if I were to post it for sale it would be in nearly-new condition.

    Considering this bag is designed to have something with hard plastic and pointy buckles put in and taken out while wet, muddy, and cold, it has held up admirably. The straps haven't frayed at the ends. No buckles have broken despite being tugged on numerous times, and the zippers never had a hiccup and remained easy to use in the cold and wet. The heavy material around the bottom barely has any scuffs despite many trips from pavement to vehicle. The main nylon material has no cuts or even small abrasions. All the stitching is still in top-notch condition.

    The main plus of this bag? It's huge capacity. The photo below shows only part of what I could get in it. Several times it also held insulated bibs and a jacket or two. And food. And socks. Plus apres clothes. Do you need a non-insulated bag to keep all your gear together? This 52 liter capacity bag definitely deserves your full attention. For a closer look, see the Powder Trekker page at

    Some of the stuff that fits in the bag. Yes, 5 pair of gloves.

    Still looking good after almost 80 days.

    The bottom material is plenty tough to hold the boots in and everything else out.

    Wiped off, you would hardly know it lived part of its life on wet, muddy parking lots. The drain holes are a great feature.

    The corners are all still in like-new condition; no cracks or breaks.

    All the straps are in great condition as is the padded mesh on the back.
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  2. laine

    laine I ski like a girl. Fast. Skier

    Jul 31, 2016
    @Andy Mink - I couldn't agree more. I got my Powder Trekker in Dec 2015 (early adopter!), and have made heavy use of it over the last three years. Lots of stuffing it with gear, tossing it around, and throwing it from my back to the floor to the car and all over again. I can fit a ton inside, including my helmet (22.5 boots leave a lot of extra room). My only challenge is that I have a problem of putting more stuff in when I have room!

    I would recommend this bag to anyone. The quality of the materials is better than I've seen in any bootbag to date. In fact, my husband just got the Thermal Trekker.

    Two thumbs up! :thumb::thumb:
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  3. Banzaibikes

    Banzaibikes Booting up Skier

    Dec 20, 2015
    Sacramento/ Donner Summit
    Great write up. I have about 60 days on mine and it’s in great condition. I had a small buckle break and they sent me a replacement one right away. Very well organized bag.

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