Kudos to @Magi for great WP lesson

Discussion in 'Ski School' started by Jerez, Jan 5, 2019.

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    Nov 25, 2015
    New Mexico
    Please feel free to move if this is the wrong spot...

    Some of you may recall we had an unfortunate incident with my then 4 yo granddaughter in her first ski lesson two years ago. Since then we have had a few DIY attempts that went quite well. She loves to go fast and we managed to graduate from the magic carpet to the chairlift, but she had no interest in slowing or turning or learning from parents or grandparents.

    So yesterday we "forced" her into a 1/2 day lesson with brave @Magi at Winter Park. He totally won her over, and I saw video proof that she made out of the Discovery Park and up on the Big Chair, He had her turning like a champ and even a little excursion through some trees!

    YAY !!!! Success.

    Anyone who wants a lesson at Winter Park, we highly recommend contacting @Magi

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