Help with new skis - birthday coming up

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    Mar 12, 2019
    Hi everybody,

    Just recently discovered this forum and spent the past couple of days reading up across lots of different threads - so much great stuff!

    Anyway, with a birthday rapidly approaching I am cashing in all my brownie points to get a new pair of skis (on the basis that I have possibly entered midlife crisis territory and instead of getting a fast car or other less savory alternatives, I will work out my angst on the slopes). Would love some advice, although I sense my list of desires for a ski might be too broad for any single all mountain ski. Anyway here are a few details:
    • I'm 6'2" and weigh 190 pounds.
    • Most of the time I ski in the mid-west on relatively hard snow although we do get rare powder days. I manage to get to Canada/west coast every couple of years which I love.
    • I've been skiing about 50 times this season and I am confident on double blacks but have recently enjoyed getting into the trees (which I still kinda of suck at so I have been practicing on moguls which I also suck at but want to get better).
    • I am not particularly aggressive but like going fast. My goal is to become a better skier in every condition.
    • I'm currently skiing Salomon qst92s at 185cm which have been great but they can be a little soft when it is icy out and I struggle with maneuverability when I am in tighter spots.They don't float particularly well in powder either.
    A couple of skis that have grabbed my attention are the Mantra M5s and the Dynastar Legend 96s (both of which I am hoping to demo in a few days). Also I have been thinking about sizing down my skis to 177-180cm for more off-piste skiing but hopefully not at the expense of losing too much stability when going fast on groomers.

    Anyway suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have spent way too much work time recently reading my way through the internet but I thought I would impose on the expertise in this forum for a little additional help :)

    Thanks very much
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