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Dec 2, 2015
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This was 2 seasons ago. the run had 15"+/- shot taken early afternoon. First shot was right down the gut, 2nd was on left, 3rd on the right through those trees. After that some boarders slid down it; which is okay, I'll share.

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May 2, 2017
Asheville NC
So this isn't a powder situation but still it was a situation that called for being a little selfish.

Last weekend we had a nice chilly day which kept what snow we had nice and crisp, you know none of that mashed potato stuff. Well we did our normal shutdown between 4:30 and 6:00 so the owner could groom and at 5:50 we got on the lift to do a basic safety run and see if we needed to replace any boo, signage etc.

Well Orville did the finest groom job that has ever been recorded on the mountain, so we whooped and hollered all the way back down to the lift to give them an OK to open for the evening and of course to jump back on and do it again before any guests got on.

Naturally the liftie hadn't waited for us to give the OK and had already loaded 3-4 chairs of young scouts before we got back. We loaded right behind the scouts and as we got to the offload the boys started to click into their snowboards in preparation for their run. I shouted out that I wanted them to wait for a minute until we got there and being the good kids that they are they all sat there and waited on us to dispense our pearls of wisdom.

Everyone know what happened next...… we said thanks for waiting and took off down the hill in front of them and enjoyed that beautiful crisp groomed surface again. In my defense I will tell you that I met them at the bottom lift after their run and thanked them for letting us go ahead of them.

Of course two laps later the grooming was a mess and the boarders had scraped all the loose to the side. That in itself made all my selfishness worthwhile.
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