For Sale FS: Fischer Transalp 88, 163cm

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    May 6, 2018
    reality bites - and in this case, this totally new set of skis and set up did not work for me. Skiing in this set up for ONE day(only) let me know that I needed to explore a different solution to what I needed. So in short, these skis and equipment are brand new (less one day of BC skiing in Hokkaido, Japan). This what SKIMAG said about it ( Sensationally light at approx 1100grams per ski. Combined with the 175g Superlite 2.0 binding; the whole rig per ski weighs about 1300gms+ .... less than my old demo Salomon Z12 binding(alone!).

    The 122-88-119 touring ski is set up for a 304BSL boot with a Dynafit Superlite 2.0 binding, and it comes with brakes(brand new) and crampons (brand new). The skis have been used ONE day and sadly, is not a fit for me despite my research and so on.

    Asking US$700 for the whole set - skis, brakes, crampons and bindings. You can do some searching on the net but just the skis and bindings alone would set you back about $1000, and the the other two parts in the package- crampons and bindings, another $120++. Shipped from SIngapore (hence lower asking price to temper the higher shipping costs - which I am ascertaining now)

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