First look, Liberty Evolv 84 179


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Nov 8, 2015
Steamboat Springs, Co
Much to my surprise and excitement, I received a FEDEX shipping notice from Liberty Ski with a shipping weight of 8 pounds... Anyone who ships skis a often will know thats a dead give-away for an unmounted pair of skis.:). I texted Phil and Tim at Liberty and found out the Evolv 84 Demo fleet ski had hit our shores. Normally, these would have been arriving just in time for Mothers Day at A-Basin but for now, I can get you psyched to click into these come this fall (fall, here anyway). Its no secret I'm a big fan of Liberty ski's and when I learned of the Evol 84 last January, I was really eager to get on a ski with these dimensions. At 84 underfoot, this width of ski is a great OSQ and certainly a daily driver for "out west" (technically, CO isn't out west but, I digress). The Evolv series is the "all mountain" build in Liberty's lineup, with a fairly traditional shape, a little more rocker than the excellent V-Series, a little stiffer, especially in the tails and only 2 strips of VMT. The 84 retains the softer flex in the tips which do an excellent job in the bumps and undulating terrain but are still torsionally stiff as to not get knocked around. Underfoot is stiff and behind the heel medium ++ for an overall flex of Medium + but, these ski very easy due to the softer tips allowing the ski to engage and pull you into the turn (a trait all Evolvs and V-series have) The Evol 84 Dims are 124-84-110, with a turn radius of 17.5. Whats really nice is the overall shape. These should be plenty snappy and fun on the groomed while being compliant in the bumps (like the Evol 90 and 100) but a little quicker. There is a modest amount of tip and tail rocker; in my book, just enough. I'm not a fan of much rocker, especially in a 84mm ski. As you can see, Liberty once again does an outstanding job on the simple and clean graphics with the sublimated mountains in an appealing color pallet. The matte, dimpled surface always does a great job of hiding minor scratches and snow doesn't stick to it. Well, that's all for now but I am certainly looking forward to getting these on the snow and trying them out in true "all mountain" conditions.


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