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Nov 14, 2015
Where is the metal on these skis?
My understanding was that it was under the irregularly outlined but smooth part of the topsheet, roughly on the inboard half of the ski. Maybe it doesn't extend under the foot (although that would be weird). :huh:


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Aug 29, 2017
Southern NH
I've had two days on my new Wingmans (86 CTi, 178); really liking these skis. Ironically I've spent most of the time with them on steeps in powder (~6") and Baker crud where they are performing admirably.

Where is the metal on these skis? The topsheet had no resistance and I saw no metallic flakes when drilling the mounting holes.
This is from the Elan site. The Ti has the titanium reinforcement and the CTi has that and Carbon rods.


I have owned/skied both; 82CTi 178 and the 86CTi 166. I was a tester for the Prototypes (82CTi) and really like them but they were a little longer than I like. I got myself the 86 CTi this season and love them. Since I'm mostly on WC SL race skis, the first time carving on the 86CTi was odd. I had never been on a ski that wide and couldn't believe the amount of time it took to go edge to edge. It didn't take long to get used to and these love to carve.

I just did a two day mogul clinic on them as well and they were fantastic. It was two days of crud and moguls and they were incredibly fun to be on and never let me down. On the second day when there were some groomed trails (it had snowed the night before and during the first day) and was fun to be on a ski that in one run would bust through crud, play in the moguls and then rip it up on the groomers.

I'm incredibly happy with these. I was considering going with the adjustable fusion binding set up to make reselling them easier, but glad I went with the flat and the Attack 13 binding, as there is rarely someone with a small enough boot size to try them out :ogbiggrin:

We're supposed to get some snow today and it's vacation week so it looks like the U10s are going to be in the bumps this weekend :cool: