Copenhagen Jazz Fest, Tooling Around On Bikes

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    Dec 19, 2015
    We just returned from 5 days in Copenhagen where we spent most of our time just tooling around the city on rental bikes and going to see jazz bands in small clubs and some outdoor venues.

    Copenhagen is a great city for getting around by bike and nothing is more than a few miles ride away and everything is quite flat.

    This made the heavy, smallish wheeled, 3 speed Donkey Republic rental bikes acceptable, though it would have been nice to rent some better bikes and we would have if we planned to ride out of town.

    The Donkey Republic bikes work with a bluetooth app and we joined a monthly plan that gave us 12 hours of bike rentals per day for an entire month for 20 Euros. You use the app to locate available bikes and to lock and unlock them. The locks just lock the back wheel. Most bikes we saw had a wheel lock system. Hardly any cable locks and many bikes not locked at all.

    It was pretty cool to be at a club that was full of people with empty parking spots on the street and a whole mess of bikes parked outside.

    Also, the drivers there know how to look for bikes and are very polite and respectful, always giving riders the right of way. We did not wear helmets or biking clothes, though on our last day I wore some cycling shorts underneath my regular shorts... was getting a bit sore back there.

    Robin by Nyhavn, the touristy area with a bunch of cafes by a canl with old boats and lots of Tuborg and Carlsberg drinking.
    Robin Ny Havn.jpg

    Rosenberg Castle

    Rosenberg Castle.jpg
    Donkey Republic bikes


    Bikes were all named and most had these phone holders which made navigation much easier. In addition to Tinker here we had Oreo, Brod, Hyldemorte, Pearl, Allike and maybe even a few more. Sometimes we would return them if not using for a few hours but mostly we would just keep for the day and lock when not using. You have to return at a Donkey Republic return location which the app will guide you to and is never far from where you may be. You can usually tell by where you see other orange bikes. At times the app was a bit frustrating but mostly worked just fine.

    The bikes are heavy and not terribly efficient, however for just tooling around a few miles at a shot they were fine and super cost effective. Our hotel had bike rentals for about $40 per day that were not much better. This cost us $22. each for 5 full days of bike rentals.

    I rented an electric scooter for a few hours, also easy to do with an app on my phone, and it was fun and got around at a good clip but if you had to go over cobblestones it was no longer a fun experience.
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