Clearance Aisle Deals-Ski Relate


Notorious P.U.G.
Pugski Ski Tester
Nov 1, 2015
Reno, eNVy
We started a non ski related thead HERE. What are some of your killer ski deals?

I will start with this one. I beleive it was at Big Sky, @FairToMiddlin and I were in a shop and they had some FKS180's for 50% off and thought that was a pretty good deal. As we talked to the sales guy, he mentioned that they shouldn't have been out on display and that he could't sell them. We asked why. HE chuckled that one of the techs screwed up ad mounted one FKS180 and one FKS140 on a customers ski. They tried to get the customer to come abck and recticfy the sitation. I said, "so you also have one FKS140 back there too then, right? He sheepishly said yes. Knowing what I had in my binding collection at home, I figured I could mix and match some colors. I offered him $100 for the two miss matched bindings. At first he said he couldn't do that for liability reasons. Since it wasn't true, we worked around that. I forget what we settled on price wise but FTM ended up with the 180 with a single 18 I had and I took the 140 to hang on the wall. I am not sure if he still as the bindings.


Gravity Slave
Nov 12, 2015
The Bull City
Well, there was that time when these were selling for $110 shipped, 192 cm but for those who can handle them, quite a great deal. I think they turned out to be some of the ones that went out the back door stolen though



Got my ski box off Craigslist for $50. It needed lock cores. That was another $15 but inside there was a bike tray and Thule crossbars.